Best Way to Clean Air Conditioner

Well after going through summers your ac has been used a lot for sure, and it must have been choked with dust and dirt particles. So now before shutting it down for the winters make sure you touch it up so you can easily use in the next season.

The air conditioner is one of the most important appliances you use in your home especially in summers. We recommend that you maintain your air conditioner throughout the season so that you don’t face the burden altogether. We will show you some easy tricks which will help you in maintaining the cleanliness of your air conditioner as you use it. The question is that how to clean an air conditioner? there is need to get air conditioner cleaner, and you can DIY.

A Lesson Well Learned!

Mrs. Andrew from new San Francisco told her story when her air conditioner went out after she kept using airconditioner without cleaning it for two years. She reports that her indoor unit was releasing smoke one afternoon, she said she immediately called the workshop to send over some workers who could see through and fix the issue. Till the time the repairers could reach her premises, it was full of smoke and a bad burning smell. She thought that some wiring issue has caused the air conditioner to burn out, but after the team inspected, they found out that the ac cooling ducts were completely choked and there was a lot of load on the unit because of this blockage which caused it to heat up and eventually burn out. The air conditioning company took no responsibility for the incident as they said that they had clearly mentioned that the ac should be serviced every six months for excellent performance and smooth running.

So How to Clean Air Conditioner?

how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it

The answer to how to clean air conditioner is very simple. You just have to take some time out of your busy schedule. Airconditioner cleaning is easy if you follow these simple steps.

How to Clean Air Conditioner Unit for Indoor?

how to clean an air conditioner

You must be thinking where to start air conditioner cleaning from. First of all, you must clean your indoor air conditioning unit. The indoor unit of an AC has two air filters placed on to the top of its head; these filters filter out the dust particles from the air. The good thing is that you can easily remove these air filters as they are not permanently fixed with the body of the indoor unit. Ac cleaning due to these filters is very much easy. If you keep on cleaning these filters twice a month, your compact air conditioning unit will never get choked and will work efficiently.

How to Clean Air Conditioner’s Filters Properly?

inside air conditioner

Well, folks, there is no rocket science in how to clean air conditioner’s air filters, these filters as mentioned earlier are removable. You can simply open the top lid of the indoor unit, and you will see two filter sheets inserted on the top. You have just simply to pull them out gently without damaging their locking system.

Mr. Grey here from England told that he was cleaning air conditioner for the very first time and he didn’t know how to pull them off, so he damaged the locks of the filter and eventually made them of no use and had to buy new ones for his clean air conditioner.

Read the Guidelines by the Company!

The air conditioner companies provide a complete catalog with the AC in which they have clearly mentioned the complete procedure of how to clean air conditioner properly. Air filters of an indoor unit are very easy to remove. You just have to give them a little push, and the locks will be automatically free then you can easily pull them out.

Now, these filters are made of a plastic frame which contains small window blocks. Between these window blocks is the thin foamy thread like a sheet that captures the dust particles easily. You just have to wash these sheets with pressure and water.

You must first blow off the dust of the air filter with a hair dryer that would be easily available in your house or by patting it. When the dust gets cleaned, take a toothbrush and apply a little liquid detergent on it. Start brushing these air filters gently until all the dirt gets cleaned. Wash it with water and let all the detergent drain out from the pours of the sheets. Let it dry completely before using it again. You can simply blow dry it, or you can let it rest for the day. This is the most basic and the first step of AC cleaning. And Hey listen! If your filters do not get cleaned by water and detergent, then you can always get an air conditioner cleaner to do the job.

How to Clean AC Unit for Outdoor Use?

how to clean window ac unit

The air conditioner’s outdoor unit can get dirty very easily as it is exposed to the outdoor atmosphere. There’s a lot of dust and dirt outside so it can easily get dirty. Moreover, you can also find bird nests in outdoor units sometimes. Now the outdoor unit is not that easy to clean. You must have compressed air to clean the outdoor unit if it is very dirty. Outdoor units do not need much maintenance as an indoor unit do, so it is best that you call a person from the AC Company every season so that he can easily clean the outdoor unit.

Cleaning AC unit can be difficult if you don’t do it regularly. So make sure you get your outdoor unit cleaned every six months, and your indoor unit cleaned once a month by yourself.

How to Clean Air Conditioner Water Pipe?

window air conditioner filter

A water pipe in the air conditioner serves the purpose of draining the water droplets out of your indoor unit. This pipe is usually put outside the premises alongside the outdoor unit. This pipe can easily get blocked. As your AC runs excessively in summers, there is a possibility that it would get algae and fungus in it which will block the drainage. Now, cleaning air conditioner pipe is very easy by just blowing into the pipe with your mouth. You can simply blow it twice and suck it afterward just like you suck juice with a straw. This will generate pressure in the pipe, and I will allow the blocked water to drain out along with the fungus.

If the pipe remains blocked the water starts to drip from the inside of your indoor unit and can wet all your room. So cleaning this pipe is also a part of how to clean AC.

You have a Clean Airconditioner Now!

After following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily get your air conditioning cleaning done. Just make sure you do this regularly or else you will end up just like the lady who burnt the indoor unit of her air conditioner. So here we have made how to clean your air conditioner unit easy for you.