How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner

Best Tips To Clean a Window Air Conditioner

If you are thinking of how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it at your home, then you are at the right place. We will help you in your air conditioner cleaning and will guide you about the process and complete details on about how to clean window ac unit!

But before moving to clean your window air conditioner let us go through some causes that make your window air conditioner filter dirty.

What are the Causes of a Dirt Window AC?

The dirty air conditioner is not a story of a few days or weeks. It takes months for an air conditioner to get choked due to dirt and dust. It seems that if your air conditioner is dirty, you must not have cleaned it for a few months. Irregular cleaning is the first cause of dirty air conditioner. The second can be weather effects. Any hurricane or sandstorm can also make the filters of your ac dirty. Whatever the reasons maybe now your ac is dirty and choked and you have to clean it now. So let’s move towards cleaning.

There is a lot of dirt and dust inside air conditioner, so read below more about how to clean an air conditioner at home.

How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner Fast at Home?

Cleaning a window air conditioner is difficult and harder than a split ac as it is old technology and has a large body too clean. People today often don’t use window air conditioners but who do, don’t clean them as they find it difficult. One thing should be known to you that window air conditioners are more exposed to your rooms and the environment than your split ac, so they tend to get dirty more easily. If you don’t clean your air conditioner every month, then you can get in trouble and can make a loss. There are various kinds of air conditioner cleaner available in a market that helps in cleaning air conditioner immediately.

Learn how to clean a window air conditioner just in simple ways. So let’s follow some simple steps to save ourselves from trouble.

Turn Off the Unit Completely!

Looking for how to clean a window ac unit? Before starting cleaning any electronic appliance, you must always cut off the power supplies so that no current reaches the body of that appliance while you are cleaning it. So before cleaning your window air conditioner remove the plugs and power supply completely. And then start further cleaning.

Dust the Dirt off from the Windows Air Conditioning Unit!

how to clean an air conditioner

If the face of your window ac is dirty, then make sure you dust it off with a cloth or brush. The inside airconditioner can get dirty as it has vents that blow the air. You have to clean the vents thoroughly.

These vents can be easily removed and washed easily so don’t worry about any breakage just be careful in doing what you are doing. After cleaning the vents, take out the filters from the air conditioner and wash them thoroughly.

How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner without Removing it?

You must be thinking that how can you clean your window ac by not removing it. Don’t worry this can happen you just need to follow some simple steps, and you may need some home appliances for this purpose so make sure you keep them handy before starting to clean. Keep reading to get air conditioner cleaning done in no time!

Use a Vacuum Cleaner?

how to clean a window air conditioner

To clean you ac more thoroughly you must use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust and dirt from all sides without removing them. a vacuum cleaner works on the basic principle of sucking dust. The same must be done to your dirty ac. You must remove the head nozzle of your vacuum cleaner before using it as you don’t need it while cleaning your window air conditioner. Use this cleaner to suck dirt and dust from all the exposed sides of the window air conditioner. Clean both sides of the air conditioner too, remove all the dirt! In a window ac, you can see coils underneath the cooling vents on the front side of the ac. You must clean these coils thoroughly by the vacuum cleaner so that no dust is left in it.

Cleaning the Filters!

cleaning window air conditioner

As mentioned earlier cleaning the filters are very much important if you have to get your ac cleaned thoroughly. Remove the ac filters and pat them to remove the dust from them. you can also use a vacuum cleaner to such the dirt, and you can also use a hair dryer to blow the dirt off the filters. After you have removed all the dirt start washing them. Use detergent to clean the mud and stains from the filter and use a brush to rub them gently. Don’t be too harsh on rubbing the filters or else you will end up tearing the sheets. After thorough washing, dry them off with the dryer or let them rest for a day. After they get dry put them back in the air conditioner close it.

Whenever you looking for how to clean a window air conditioner then this was the complete procedure of cleaning your air conditioner by not removing it.

Still Not Working Efficiently?

If your air conditioner has been cleaned by you by the above-mentioned home tricks, then there is a possibility that you ac needs a more thorough cleaning and for that, you have to remove it completely simply. After removing it, you must start washing it with pressure water. This will remove all the inner and outer dirt from the air conditioner and make it dust free after that you can dry it off with compressed air completely. After the detail cleaning is done, make sure you check whether the cooling has is full in your air conditioner unit. If not call a mechanic and let him fill it as you can puncture it.

Reassemble the unit and place it back its place and let it rest there for a day so that it completely dries off. After it does plug in your windows air conditioner and starts enjoying cooled air in your room.

We hope we have answered the question “how to clean a window air conditioner” in the simplest way. Share your experience with us and let us know how your results were after cleaning.

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