Best Tips for Clean Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are actually leather shoes which have a handsome napped finishing. Actually, suede shoes are made from the inner layer skin of animals. These shoes are a lot softer and comfortable to wear however they are not that durable as other shoes made up of the outer layer of skin of animals.

People often don’t buy suede shoes despite the fact that they are more comfortable just because they are hard to clean and maintain. But today we have the best cleaning hacks for you that will allow you to use suede shoes and will help you in cleaning them. We know you must have plenty of questions in your mind right now. Wait till the end and keep reading below to get the best cleaning remedies for your suede shoes.

So lets first go through…

How to Clean Suede Shoes with Household Products?

Suede shoes can be easily cleaned by simple household products available with you easily. Some of these household products are mentioned here. The first one is a pencil eraser; a pencil eraser can be used to rub the stains present on your suede shoes. By using the eraser, you can lessen the stains on your suede shoes. You can also use a clean shoe brush to clean the dirt off your suede shoes before they make permanent stains. Make sure you apply the brush in the same direction as brushing with an irregular pattern can cause your shoe leather to damage. If your suede shoes have got mud on them, then make sure you that before cleaning sued shoes you let them dry. After they get dry, you can easily brush off the dry mud.

How to Clean Suede Shoes with Warm Water Spray?

If your suede shoes have got water stains or any other tiny spots you can easily gently spray warm water on them and brush them off with a toothbrush. Make sure you don’t get rough on your suede shoe while cleaning as it can damage the leather badly. Just sprinkle the water evenly on all the sides of the shoe and brush it off so that the spots and water stains can fade away.

How to Clean Suede Shoes with Toothpaste?

how to clean suede shoes with household products

If you’ve got really dirty suede shoes, then you must be thinking that how to wash your suede shoes and make them neat and tidy as new. So it can be easily done by you at your home. If you are thinking that can you wash suede shoes in the washing machine then make sure you never wash shoes in your washing machine as it can damage your shoes and wear the leather completely. Instead, you must take some hot water and let it rest for a while so that it can get mild. Take an old toothbrush and add toothpaste on your suede shoes. Start rubbing the paste gently all over your shoes. After that wash of the paste from the brush and rub the shoe again with water and brush. You will soon notice that all the dirt has gone away. Clean your shoe with smooth fabric and let it dry. Suede shoes can get wrinkles if you put them under a fan so let them rest under sunlight. This is the extremely best way of cleaning suede shoes.

How to Clean Suede Shoes with Vinegar?

how to clean suede shoes with vinegar

If you’ve got black suede shoes and they have got dirt, then you must be thinking that how to clean black suede shoes the right way. Don’t worry we have the best hack for you for black shoes. Just take vinegar, baking powder, and warm water. Take one cup of warm water, add two tablespoons of baking powder in it and add a quarter cup of vinegar in it. Mix them thoroughly in a bowl and now take a toothbrush. Apply this cloudy mixture on your black suede shoes and rub them according to the previous method told.

If you are thinking of how to clean white suede shoes, then there is one little difference you just have to add bleach instead of vinegar in the above mixture, and that mixture can wash your suede shoes completely clean. If you are looking for the best way to clean suede shoes then you should choose this option of cleaning.

How to Clean Suede Shoes Home Remedy After They Get Burn Stains?

You must know and as mentioned earlier suede shoes are very sensitive as they are made up of the inner skin leather. If you’ve got any stains on your shoes due to fire or burns, then it should be clear to you that there is no remedy to clean burn stains from your shoes. You have to use them as they are or buy new ones.

How to Care For Suede Shoes?

Washing suede shoes and cleaning them can be very hard as they are very sensitive in means of getting dirty. You must first of all take care of your shoes to save yourself from the cleaning process. So if you think that how to protect suede shoes then dun worry we have gathered the following information for you which will help you take care of your shoes!

Suede shoes can easily get stains if you have sweaty feet. It is best that you wear a layer of stockings or socks on your feet before wearing suede shoes. Moreover, suede shoes must not be worn in extreme weathers nor in hot summers as heat can also damage them and neither in snowfalls as snow and ice can give tough stains and can damage the leather of your shoes completely. Furthermore, you must not wear suedes in rainy seasons so that water stains must not get onto your suede shoes.

We hope that after reading these hacks and tricks, you will be able to get your dirty shoes clean and to protect your shoes from getting dirty. Give us your feedback after using these tricks and keep reading for more updates!