How to Clean a Mattress – DIY Mattress Cleaning Hacks

The mattress is one of the most important parts of your bedroom which provides you with the best sleep. Your comfort depends on how clean your mattress is. So, you should know how to clean a mattress? Surely you wouldn’t want that after all the daily chores and hard work, when you get to bed, you lay into dust mites, dirt, stains and bad smell with allergens. If not then follow these simple steps to get rid of all the above mentioned unhygienic stuff. Furthermore, learn more about the exact way of how to clean a mattress within no time.

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So How Do You Know That What’s In Your Mattress That Make It Dirty?

So as you must know about all the critters in the mattress as you were the one using it from the beginning but let’s get a small list of what could be making your mattress dirty? Some of the common things are sweat, urine stains, blood, any drinks you spilled, food particle if you have eaten on your bed, dust as a gift from your dirty room and mites as a result of all these crits.

Reading all this now you will realize how much unhygienic your mattress is and now you must be thinking that how the hell would I ever be able to sleep on it again peacefully but that’s not the thing you must be worried about the main thing now that you must worry about is how to clean a mattress with all this shit in it. But what’s the purpose of reading this scripture if you have to worry about cleaning a mattress. Nothing to worry about, just follow some simple steps for a thorough cleaning and disinfecting.

Some Simple Steps Which Would Help You

Ultimate guidelines of how to clean a mattress, follow these simple steps to get a clean mattress.

Remove The Sheets!

First of all, when cleaning a mattress, you must get rid of sheets and undress the mattress completely. Now that you have done it remove it from your bed into a more spacious room where we can start its general cleaning.

Vacuum It!

how to clean your mattress

The first step after you have reached your workstation for cleaning a mattress is to vacuum it. You must take a vacuum cleaner, remove its nozzle and start off by blowing all the dust from the mattress. You must start from the top of one side and blow the mattress evenly in all the directions and in all the sides. You must remove all the dirt particles and dust from the mattress. After you have done, this unplugs the vacuum cleaner and keep it aside we will need it later.

Baking Soda – The All-Rounder Cleaning Agent!

mattress cleaner

After vacuuming the dust, you must move on how to disinfect a mattress. You must have noticed a smell in your mattress due to all of the above-mentioned dirt fraternity. Now you must take a handful of baking soda and start swishing it onto the mattress evenly. Rub the soda on the mattress with your hand so that it gets deep inside the roots of the mattress. This step will remove the smell from your mattress and disinfect it to some extent.

Vacuum It Again!

The use of baking soda has caused the moisture in the mattress to mix up with the soda and dry up along with the oils present on the base of the mattress due to sweat glands and other foreign particles. Now this time when you will vacuum it, you will be able to suck out all of the dirt out of the mattress and the basic reason for the smell in your mattress.

Now, Let’s Move Towards The Stains!

When you have cleaned all the dust and dirt and have treated all the smell it’s time to move towards the next part of how to clean a mattress, let’s treat stains on your mattress. Stains are of different types some are of blood, some of the urine, and some of the sweat. These are your bodily stains and but some of the other stains include other foreign particles like food and drink. You have to use the mattress stain remover for this purpose if you don’t know home remedies to clean it.

Let’s Treat Blood Stains First!

Take hydrogen peroxide with salt water and make a mixed solution. You have to take ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide that must be added with one cup of salt water. This cloudy solution must be used to treat blood stains on your mattress. Rub the stains with this mixture with the help of the white cloth. The white cloth will help you know that you have easily removed the stains when it will itself get the stains on itself.

Urine Stains!

Urine stains are very hard to remove once they have dried up completely. It is very hard to get there smell of the mattress once they are dried. Now, what should we do and you must be thinking that how to clean mattress stains of urine easily at home to save yourself from embarrassment.

Take a half cup of hydrogen peroxide and add three tablespoons of baking soda in it. Mix both of them readily. Now add three to five drops of fragrant liquid detergent and mix them furthermore. Add a little water to make a thick pasty solution out of it. You can add a fingertip of toothpaste in it if you want to for hard and tough stains. Mix all of the solutions and apply it on the stains and rub them with a brush.

Use a white cloth to clean all the foam and stains from the mattress and vacuum it again to make sure it dries off.

After all of the above exercise, you can spray a little disinfectant spray on it to get a clean mattress. Now get an IKEA mattress cover and cover your mattress in it and you are now good to go with a clean mattress.

So we hope we have answered all the questions that include how to disinfect a mattress? How to clean a used mattress? How to remove stains from a mattress and how to clean mattress urine and other dirt stains? We have given here the best way to clean a mattress so enjoy sleeping on a clean mattress from now on.  Give us your feedback!