Clean a Mousepad with Simple Easy Steps

Mousepads are usually seen with computer tables. These mousepads are used for the smooth moving of your mouse. The mousepad is a thing that we do not bother to take care of until and unless it gets tore or dirty.  You should actually keep your mousepad clean and free of dust so that it may also look presentable on your computer table.

Cleaning your mousepad is very easy however if you find it difficult to deal with we will show you how to clean a mousepad.

Check What Your Mousepad is Made up of.

Before cleaning or deciding how to clean a mousepad the first thing that should be known is what it is made up of. Obviously, after you know what stuff it is made up of you will decide its cleaning method accordingly. Usually, mousepads are made up of foamy sheets that allow easy movement of the mouse on them. Mousepads are also made up of rubber sheets. So you must consider yourself that what type of washing that material needs. If your mousepad needs to be washed, wash it, if it needs to be cleaned in some other way do it accordingly. Below we have mentioned some of the cleaning tricks which will make your mousepad clean.

How to Wash a Mousepad According to its Surface

how to clean a mouse pad

If the surface of your mousepad is made up of fabric or cloth, try cleaning it with a washcloth with the help of some liquid detergent or shampoo. Rub the liquid gently over the surface with the help of a cloth and wash it with warm water afterward. If your mousepad is made up of rubber or plastic, then you must clean it with the help of household cleaning sprays. After spraying the chemical clean your mousepad with a clean cloth. You will get a neat and shiny mousepad afterward. Don’t wash rubber or plastic mousepads or else they can get sneaky and don’t use chemical sprays with foamy mousepads or else they will make stains over the pad, and you will end up getting a more dirty pad in both cases.

Dry your mousepad before using again.

You can hang the mousepad on a wire in sunlight. You can also dry it with a dry cloth.

How to Clean SteelSeries Mousepads.

how to clean steelseries mousepad

These are one of the bestselling mousepads all over the world. Steel series mousepads are designed for gaming lovers. It is durable and well designed. Steel series mousepads come in a variety of designs and sizes. Every user can find the right mousepad for himself. Now as mentioned earlier mostly these mousepads are used by professional gamers. It means that they have extensive use throughout the day and night for that matter. And so it can get dirty. Gamers usually eat snacks and drink beverages while gaming so it is easy for them to make their mousepads dirty without external help. So now the question is that how to clean a mousepad that you have bought for gaming.

There are a few simple steps which will make your mousepad neat and clean just like brand new. First of all, fill a sink or a small tub with hot water. Mix this water with a liquid detergent or soap and make a bubbly mixture. Toss the steel series mousepad in hot water and soap and use a sponge to rub it gently. On the stain areas, you have to be a little rough on rubbing. After removing the dirt from your giant mousepad, you must wash mousepad with only water so that the soap washes off. Make sure after washing your mousepad no soap is left in it. Pat it dry and air dry it. Leave it for a day afterward, and you will see the best cleaning results and a smooth mouse pad.

How to Wash Mouse Pads in Machines??   

how to wash a mousepad

Fortunately yes! You can also wash a mousepad in the washing machine. You just have to simply toss the pad in the machine and add detergent and spin it with low tumble so that its shape does not damage. Also, keep one thing in mind that you have to use cold water in the machine to wash your mousepad. After washing it, air dries it once and let it rest for a day. You will surely get a clean mouse pad. Now that the majestic look of your gaming mousepad has returned you can simply start making it dirty with all the shit you have while playing.

How to Clean your Mousepad to Make the Mouse Run Smoothly?

anime mouse pads

If your mousepad has been with you for a year or so, then it’s time to bid farewell as you have now enjoyed every single thread of it. If the foam sheet inside the pad has collapsed, then it is obvious that your mouse would not run smoothly on it. So the question is how to repair or how to clean a mousepad? If you face this issue, then it is obvious that you have to change your mousepad but if you don’t want to separate the perfect pair of your mouse and its pad from each other than you can simply toss the pad in hot water for half an hour and after that pat it gently. Let the pad now rest in sunlight for about a full hot day. You will definitely find a difference between its conditions.

How to Clean a Mousepad with White Color?

white mouse pad

Cleaning a mouse pad with white color is the hardest of ’em all; you should first try and keep the white mouse pads clean and use them in a clean place and not roughly. White mousepads are very hard to clean if once they get dirty. But they can be cleaned by some simple but rough steps.

First of all, add a little shampoo to a cloth that is already wet with hot water, rub the cloth roughly with the surface of the pad until the stains get removed. If the stains remain even after rubbing the pad with detergent, then it’s time that you bring the all-rounder cleaning expert, our beloved old toothbrush. Add a little white toothpaste to the brush and start brushing it hard. You will surely get a clean white mousepad after this procedure. Big mousepads are easy to clean than smaller ones despite discussing the color and design of the mousepad.

So here we have given you the complete detail on how to get a clean mousepad, we hope that you will find them useful and if not try buying a new mousepad.