How to Clean Belly Button the Right Way?

How to clean your belly button is the question that we are going to answer and talk upon today. We know that the question of how to clean your belly button could be new to some of you guys but trust me these are one of the most commonly asked questions especially by teenagers who have gone through with the belly button piercing practice. Not only them but the question of how to clean your belly button is also very common among people who develop a very strong odor if they do not clean it properly. All of these cleaning issues will be resolved when you will read this article about how to clean belly button completely. So let’s begin!

An important thing before starting all the information and cleaning procedure is that the belly button is the only part of the body that we least bother cleaning it. Cleaning your belly button is very much essential as cleaning any other body part. So, first of all, make sure you know that how to keep belly button clean once you read this article. So start reading and get a clean and healthy belly button.

How to Clean Your Belly Button

1. Grab a Q-Tip

Belly buttons can sometimes be hard to clean and for that purpose, we have Q tips to make sure that each and every edge of the belly is cleaned. Now, what should we do first of all is that we must get a Q tip from a nearby pharmacy or general store if available? Unwrap this Q tip and apply soap on it while you are in the shower. Thoroughly rub the tip inside your belly and get all the dirt and sweat out of it so that you can get a clean belly.

2. Rinse It

Sometimes cleaning your belly button with soap is not enough if some people have a smelly belly button, in some cases when people ask us how to clean smelly belly button we ask them to apply alcohol on the Q tip of clean it with an alcohol swab. When this practice is done, thorough rinsing is needed so that alcohol does not remain inside the belly as your belly generates almost more than 50 types of bacteria and you would definitely don’t want to trigger them. So rinsing is necessary.

3. Dry off Your Belly

Gently dry your belly button from the inside by using some fiber cloth or another dry q tip. If any moisture remains there is a definite chance of getting a smelly belly back so make sure you dry them again thoroughly.

How to Clean Out Belly Button

Soap up a Washcloth, Sponge, and rub!

how to clean baby belly button

Cleaning the outer side of your belly button is very easy then the inner one. If you have cleaned your inner belly once you can easily clean the outer by rubbing soap with a bathing sponge and can get rid of dirt and cleaning out belly button!

Dry Off and Moisturize

You must dry your belly after cleaning and washing as mentioned earlier as there is a very possible chance that moisture by water can ruin the game again and you can end up having a smelly button again. Instead, dermatologists recommend applying lotion in your belly button after drying it off so that it can get a good odor and thorough cleansing!

Now when you have read the above-mentioned info about how to clean my belly button there is only one thing left that we mentioned in the beginning, yes! A belly button with a piercing!

How to Clean Your Belly Button When You Have a Piercing

how to clean navel

The only belly we have not discussed is the pierced belly! This is the belly that needs to be regularly cleaned and dried afterward as there is a far more chance in this type of belly to sweat more! You can add an extra step of washing your navel if you are thinking of how to clean navel! This is especially very important when the piercing you’ve done is very fresh, you must clean it with salt water or an isotonic saline solution as recommended by most of the dermatologists, these are available at almost every medical store and you can get them easily. You can also make a saltwater solution at home by yourself by mixing a quarter of teaspoon into a cup of clean warm water. You must mix the sea salt in until it is fully dissolved and a thorough mixture is prepared, and after it is done you are ready to apply it in the belly and clean it so now you must not be asking how to clean my belly button! Just make sure that you are using a salt of seawater, as iodized table salt is not effective in this matter. Using saline water is especially done to clean any bacteria or infection from the belly and if you are thinking how to clean baby belly button you now know how it is done effectively.

How Often Should You Clean Your Belly Button?

This is yet another unanswered question and an important one too.  One thing should be clear to you that a smelly belly is a sign of bacteria in your belly button. And obviously, you don’t want that to happen and increase eventually. So dermatologists recommend cleaning your belly thoroughly thrice a week as they say that bathing is not the solution of how to clean belly button it must be cleaned regularly and separate to your regular bathing routine.

If you want to share your experience of a smelly belly button and how to clean belly button if it’s smelly, you can simply let us know and we can add up your story so that it helps others to clean their bellies. You can also share your experience with us after following the above-mentioned tips and procedure.