Secretes to Clean Carpet At Home

Carpets are one of the most important parts of your interior designing and outlook of your room. Carpets are also said to be old-fashioned, but some designers still recommend carpets to be spread in your rooms as they make it cozy and more beautiful. Carpets ruled the market around 20 years ago and were the trending hashtags of that time. But soon after the success of a decade, the carpets were replaced by marble tiles and other tough products.

Carpet is Not a Choice for Most… Why?

Now the question is first of all that why the carpets were replaced! One of the greatest drawbacks of carpets were that they were very hard to clean. Dust and stains got into them because of shoes and dirty feet walking all over them, well, of course, you cannot always be careful on walking on a carpet, and you can never be formal in this regard as there are kids and guests coming all over your house. So eventually what happened was that the dust and stains on the carpet got harder and deeper into the threads.

People who had carpets in their bedrooms and living rooms soon wanted to get rid of them after they got dirty after a few years. Now it’s obvious that you cannot tear off all the carpet and start washing it and then dry it and paste it again. This would take a lot of manpower and sure is an unnecessary waste of time as carpets take time to get tidy.

People also started to suffer from dust allergies and asthma due to dirty carpets, so eventually, the downfall of the carpet industry started. At that time social media and the internet was not a trend like today it is, and people didn’t bother referring to the internet for their problems. Instead, they asked other people about how to clean carpet stains and received no satisfactory answer to that.

But today carpet cleaning hacks are in-in the market, and also new products for carpet cleaning are available. And so the carpets have returned to homes. So if you’ve got a dirty carpet don’t worry we’ve got you the best way to clean carpet yourself at home?

So How to Clean Carpet at Home?

How to clean carpet yourself is not an unanswered question today. You just need to follow a few simple steps to clean your carpet at your home.

First of all, you must get all your furniture out of your room that has carpet. Carefully take all the stuff out and make the place clear so that you can clean it easily and efficiently. Once the clearing is done, you must get some ingredients and simple machinery to clean your carpet.

Don’t worry you can easily rent the machinery from a nearby electronics. And make sure you rent a new machine if you’ve got dirty stains. New machines are more efficient to clean carpet stains.

What to Use to Clean the Carpet?

The following ingredients are needed to clean carpet:


  • Salt
  • Borax
  • White vinegar
  • Gloves
  • Sponge


  1. A steam cleaner
  2. A vacuum cleaner

If you are thinking that how to clean a carpet by hand without using this machinery then you can also do so but it can be difficult and really tiring for you. In this cases, you have to rub the stains by the sponge having a tub filled with warm water and detergent. Use the foamy mixture of water to rub the carpet. After that clean it with simple water and soak the water with the help of a towel or cloth. Leave the room under a fan for about two days to get it completely dry.

How to Deep Clean Carpet with Machinery?

The best way for how to clean your carpet yourself is through machines. Now there is no rocket science in this cleaning process it’s just a simple cleaning process and you just have to follow these steps.

Start With Vacuum Cleaning!

best way to clean carpet

Soon as you have cleared all the furniture from your room start cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Clean your room thoroughly with the help of the vacuum cleaner. Remove all the possible dust and other small particles present on the surface of your carpet. Try to clean every spot twice or thrice for best removal of dirt. Soon as you have cleaned all the dust with the help of the vacuum, we are good to go to the next step.

Make A Homemade A Paste To Clean Dirt Stains!

how to clean a carpet by hand

Especially when asking for how to clean white carpet, you need to make this paste and apply it on all the dirty spots. Add a half cup of vinegar, borax and salt each and make a paste out of it. Apply this paste all over the dirty stains. Let this paste rest for two hours after it gets dries, and hard removes it with the help of your vacuum machine. You will see that the spots have faded away.

Use The Steam Cleaner For The Final Cleaning!

Now the most frequently asked question is how to steam clean carpet? You just have to get a steam cleaner and add hot boiling water in it. Keep one thing in your mind that you don’t have to add any detergents while steam cleaning. Hot water is the best cleaner for carpets so if you have any question in your mind on how to clean carpet without carpet cleaner then let it fade because you don’t need a carpet cleaner you just need boiling hot water. Now as soon as you have added water in the machine start using it without wasting time. First of all apply the steam on all the carpet very thoroughly and efficiently. As soon as the steaming is done, start sucking the steam and the moist back with the help of the same machine. Spend more time on the drying session as the wet carpet can get dirtier.

When you have done all the above-mentioned steps, let the carpet dry for a few hours and then add your clean furniture in your room. If your carpet is still dirty, then it means it’s soiled. Now the question is how to clean heavily soiled carpet? For that, you have to remove all the carpet and wash it thoroughly or get it to a service station.

Hope you’ll love the hacks and will share your experience with us!

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