How to Clean Dryer Vent

Ensure the proper drying of your cloth by having an efficient dryer vent at your home. Prevent the massive lint build up in your dryer vent by learning how to clean dryer vent yourself. Else the lint would make the clothes dirty. The drying time would also exceed due to poor performance. If you have not cleaned it since long such as one or two years then it is the time for the little elbow grease. Remove all sorts of dirt, debris and clogged substances from your dryer vent in order to enjoy better functioning of the dryer vent.

For the proper cleaning of the dryer vent, it is necessary to know how to clean your dryer vents. The guide of how to clean dryer vent duct is of keen significance. When it is hard to approach the dryer vent properly then you must hire the services of a professional. Let us have a glance at the steps of how to clean out dryer vents.

How to Clean Dryer Vent at Home:

Emptying of Lint Screen:

The first step of how to clean dryer vent from outside demands the emptying of the lint screen. Emptying it is not hard. You can follow this step the same as you do while laundry. Inspect your lint screen properly and clean debris from it.

Unplugging of Dryer Vent:

While learning how to clean dryer vent, you need to focus on your safety and security as well. Hence, it is necessary to unplug the dryer vent before commencing the steps of how to clean dryer vent. Taking the unplugging for granted can be harmful. Disconnect it after figuring out the location of dryer vent cord’s plugging.

Moving The Vent Dryer:

Now, it is time to move the dryer vent. It is basically located at the back of the dryer. Moving the dryer vent involves the pulling of the vent in the opposite direction to the wall. This step of how to clean dryer duct requires manpower. If your vent dryer is heavy, then it may require a little more elbow grease to pull it out. You may even take the aid of someone for pulling the vented dryer out.

If you are still unable to get success in pulling the vent fryer out, then it is the time to take the aid of professionals. For this crucial step of how to clean a dryer vent, you can take help from others too.

Tube Removal:

Next step of how to clean a dryer vent includes the removal of the tube. The dryer is connected to the vent with the help of a tube. Screws are used for fixing this tube to the wall. For the removal of the tube, you need to unscrew the tube. Use a screwdriver for unscrewing purpose. It would loosen and unfix the tube. Afterwards, remove this tube from the wall so that you get access to the desired vent.

Ensure to keep all the screws at a secure place as you have to use them after cleaning the dryer vent. These would be required for reattaching the tube to the wall.

Vacuum Out the Vent:

Here, comes a necessary and crucial step of how to clean a dryer vent. How to clean a dryer vent guides you to use the vacuum for removing a great deal of lint from the vent. Insert the nozzle of your vacuum in the vent for cleaning it. Similarly, you need to repeat the process with the tube too. It would address the debris and lint of both vent and tube. Keep on vacuuming the vent until you get satisfied with the cleaning. On getting assured about the cleaning of the vent, you need to stop the vacuum.

What if you do not have a vacuum at your home? No worries at all. How to clean dryer vent duct permits you to use the dust brush for removing the debris and lint out of the vent. This brush should be extendable and flexible in nature in order to ease you with the cleaning process. In addition to this, the compressed air can also do needful. Blow it into the vent for getting rid of lint. This step of how to clean dryer duct yourself should be completed carefully. 

Assembling of Dryer:

How to clean out dryer vent guides demand the proper reassembling of the dryer. Attach the tubing back to the wall. How to clean out dryer vent required putting all the things back to its original place and also the re-screwing of the tube. After completing these steps of how to clean dryer duct, you need to replug the dryer cord to its proper location.

If you have followed all the above-mentioned steps of how to clean dryer vent duct, then you would observe the improvement in the performance and functionality of your dryer vent.

Taking Professional Service:

If you are unable to clean your dryer vent with these how to clean dryer vent duct guide, then you need to hire professional for this. For this make a vigilant search of the most skilled and experienced professional and call him up. Specify the budget for the service and schedule the appointment. He knows every minute detail of how to clean out dryer vent. So, he would work accordingly and may even recommend some diagnostic tests for it as well.

Maintenance of Dryer Vent:

Clean the dryer vent when you observe some specific signs. These include excessive odour, excessive heat, dirt and hot clothing. Ensure to dry the surrounding space on the floor while cleaning the dryer vent. In order to get better air circulation, you should dry the vent at the intervals of about half an hour to 40 minutes. Reduce the use of dryer sheets. Although these are amazing in granting freshness to your clothes in terms of fragrance yet these may also responsible for lint built up.

Get a good quality of fabric softener and use it in moderation. It would help you in getting soft and fresh clothes. Use it as little as possible as excessive softening may lead to the clogging of the dryer vent. Take the advantage of how to clean dryer duct guide for prompt cleaning of vent dryer and focus on its maintenance through following above-mentioned tips.