How to Clean a Glass Pipe?

Cleaning a glass pipe is an art. Doing it right would lead to satisfactory outcomes. However, the improper cleaning techniques of how to clean pipe make the glass pipe unpleasant and dull in appearance. In addition to this, the wrong cleaning technique may damage the pipe as well. Are you looking for the right method of how to clean a bowl?If yes, then you are in the right place. Here, in this article, you would get to know about the best way of how to clean a pipe.

With little elbow grease, you can not only get the pipe cleaning but also grant a shiny and glowing appeal to it. Let us have a glance at the methods of how to clean a pipe.

How to Clean Glass Pipe with Rubbing Alcohol:

1.      Loose Gunk Removal:

The first step of how to clean a glass oil burner pipe includes the removal of loose gunk. For this, you need to adopt the simple process of tapping. Ensure to have the upside down direction of the pipe while tapping. Now with the use of any thin object, you can drag this gunk outwards and remove it easily.

2.      Use of Isopropyl Alcohol:

Next step of how to clean glass pipe is the application of rubbing alcohol, which is chemically known as isopropyl alcohol. Fill the plastic bag with this rubbing alcohol and now place the pipe inside the bad. Ensure that it got completely submerged in the rubbing alcohol. Having contact with a glass pipe with the rubbing alcohol ensures the removal of stains, resins and tar.

3.      Use of Salt:

One of the most significant steps of how to clean a pipe is the use of abrasive material. It is none other than the salt. Take one teaspoon of salt and add it in the plastic bag. This step of how to clean pipe would perform an amazing function by scrubbing resin form the places where your sponge cannot reach easily.

Using the Kosher salt or coarse salt is the best for cleaning pipes. Keep on shaking the plastic bag so that the salt comes in contact to all the surface of the glass pipe.You can repeat the process of shaking after every 1 to 2 minutes. Keep on doing this step of how to clean glass pipe so until you do not find the glass pipe inside the bag to be properly cleaned.

4.      Repeat The Process:

This step of how to clean pipe is for stubborn resins and debris. If your glass pipe contains stubborn dirt, resin etc. then you should leave the pipe in the bag in the morning. How to clean a pipe permits you to add on more salt to the plastic bag as many of the salt grains would get dissolved in the plastic bag upon shaking.

5.      Rinsing with Hot Water:

The final step of how to clean a pipe includes the rinsing of a glass pipe with the hot water. Rinse it properly in order to remove all the salt and rubbing alcohol. If still there exist some of the stains on the glass pipe then wipe it off with the use of lemon juice mixture. For this step of how to clean glass pipe, you need to soak your glass pipe in such mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes.

How to Clean a Glass Pipe with Boiling Water?

One of the effective methods of how to clean a pipe is the use of boiling water. The steps of how to clean a pipe with boiling water include the following steps.

1.      Removal of Lingering Gunk:

The first step of how to clean a glass pipe is the basic cleaning of the pipe. You can do the rapid fundamental cleaning of the glass pipe by knocking out the lingered gunk such as loose gunk. This gunk is basically responsible for blockage of pipes. After removing it, rinse the glass pipe with the use of water. Ensure to use warm water as cold water may damage or break the glass pipe.

2.      Boiling of Water:

After removal of lingering gunk, you need to take a small pot and fill it with water. Keep on the stove in order to boil the water. The quantity of the water should be enough that the glass pipe would get easily submerged in the boiled water. It is the best way to clean a pipe.

3.      Submerge Glass Pipe:

After boiling the water, you need to place the place pipe inside the boiling water. The level of boiling water must be more than the size of the glass pipe. Keep an eye on the water in order to ensure that the level is maintained properly. Boiling may lead to the evaporation of water from the pot. There are chances of the glass pipe to be cracked if it is not submerged properly.

4.      Soaking of Glass Pipe:

This is a mandatory step of how to clean a bowl. Allow the glass pipe to sit in the simmering water for duration of about half an hour. Afterwards, take the pot out of the stove. Pour all the boiling water in the sink and carefully check if any residue left behind on the pipe or not. You must use an oven mitt while inspecting the glass pipe. Avoid using this hot substance into the chill water. Else, the end result would be the shattering of the glass pipe.

5.      Removal of Any Left Residue:

If still, there exist any residue to the glass pipe then you must remove it. Use the pipe cleaner or cotton swab to get rid of any leftover residue. There may exist water stains off the glass pipe after cleaning of the pipe. How to clean a pipe includes the removal of such water stains. Use the mixture of lemon juice and warm water for such water stains.

Variety of Cleaning Solutions:

·        Denture Cleaning Tablets:

 How to clean a glass pipe was not this much easier before!How to clean a bowl is a piece of cake now? Thanks to the denture tables. Use 2 to three tables and let it sit for some time. Clean and dry it afterwards. It is the one of the most economical way of how to clean a pipe.

·        Speciality Cleaning Solutions:

How to clean a bowl can be addressed by the use of speciality cleaning solutions. However, these cleaning solutions are slight costly as well.

·        Freezing of Pipes:

The most economical and easy way of how to clean a pipe is the freezing process. How to clean pipe includes the freezing of pipe which hardens the resins that can be removed with extreme ease.