Simple Tips to Clean a Keyboard

Well, keyboards are the only device in the computer system which is used extensively more than any other device in the computer system. So there is a need to know the exact ways of how to clean keyboard instantly. Now you will think that rest of the devices also work along with the keyboard so how does it make itself so special. So the answer is that the keyboard is the only device in the system that has 100 percent human contact all the times. Your hands are on the keyboard at all times; you cannot enter information on a computer without touching and using the keyboard. So the keyboard is one of the most important parts of a computer system too.

How Actually Do They Get Dirty?

Computer Keyboards can get dirty easily if they are being used extensively. It is obvious that when you are using the keyboard, your fingers may sweat and make it dirty. It can also get dirty if you are eating while working and using it at the same time. Moreover, natural dust particles can also make the computer keyboard dirty.

Dirty Keyboard – Is it a Problem?

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Now the problem is the device having the most human contact must be clean as your hands can also get dirty because of using it despite the fact that you are the one who has made the poor soul dirty with your own bloody hands. Moving forward the question is how to clean a keyboard at home? It is obvious that you don’t want to go to a computer workshop to get your shit cleaned, so you are finding the possible ways to clean your keyboard at home. Don’t worry we will provide you with the best and efficient solutions.

From Where to Start Cleaning Dirty Keyboard?

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First of all, remove the keyboard from the computer system. Make sure if you’re using a keyboard with old ports don’t remove it while your CPU is running. Completely cut the power supply to the CPU and after it shuts down, you can remove the keyboard pin plug. If you have the new keyboards having the USB plugs, then you can easily remove it even when the power supply is on or even if the CPU is running. This is one of the pros of having a USB plug-in the device; you don’t have to be much careful.

Now that you have removed the keyboard from the computer. Take the keyboard to a peaceful station where you can clean it carefully and efficiently without damaging it.

General Cleaning of Your Old Keyboard

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Now after you have found a peaceful place to sit and clean, start cleaning it. First put your keyboard upside down and pat it, so that big particles stuck between the buttons can drop off. You must tap harder to get all the dust out before starting the major cleaning.

How to Clean Keyboard in a more Detailed Way!

Now when all the big particles are removed from the dirty keyboard by tapping on it then take some cotton buds and swabs so that you can clean the edges and the sides of the keyboard. You can clean it with water, and by water, we don’t mean that you dip the whole keyboard in a tub. Dip the cotton swabs and the buds in water and rub them over the sides and edges. You can also use isopropyl alcohol instead of water for better results.

Don’t put too much of the liquid over the keyboard or else you can damage the chipsets.

Need a more Thorough Cleaning of your Computer Keyboard?

If you have generally cleaned your keyboard and thinking how to clean keyboard keys instantly, then don’t worry you can also clean keyboard keys at your home. This is not a technical procedure however you have to be careful while removing and arranging the keys back. If you pull them with force, you can simply break the locks, and you’ll end up ruining your computer keyboard altogether. You must take a picture of your computer keyboard before starting to remove all the keys; this will help you to assemble all the keys back in your clean keyboard.

The best way to how to clean keyboard is to blow it with compressed air. If compressed air is not available, then don’t worry at all you must have a hair dryer at your home? Plug it in and start blowing all the dirt particles from the keys and board. You will see that your old keyboard has now a new look.

How to Clean Keyboard Keys? Read the Best Way to Clean a Keyboard Key at Home!

how to clean keyboard keys

Well sticking the keys out are easy, but you have to be a little careful while doing so as the locks can break easily. It is recommended that you take a plain-headed object and put the tip inside the corner of the key. Pry it off with a gentle pull, and it will go easily.

The keys are completely plastic, and you can clean them easily with the help of any chemical supply in your home or and detergent. After you have washed these keys, make sure you dry them with a piece of cloth and make sure don’t break them while drying. Let them rest for a day so that so that they are completely dried up.

Meanwhile, the keys are drying you must clean the pc keyboard base. We do not recommend that you use any liquid in the cleaning process the board itself as it has got micro chipsets and retainers which are very sensitive and if they get wet it is likely that your keyboard would be dead. Cotton swabs with alcohol dip are the best computer keyboard cleaner. Your keyboard cleaning would be excellently done, and you would get the brand new look for your pc after using it. Keep in mind the actual way of how to clean keyboard, by doing this you will get the brand new look.