7 Simple Steps to Clean Laptop and Computer Screen

Laptop and computer screens tend to get dirty easily; this may be because of disk clean up, your rough usage or any other external factor.

Whatever the reason may be, your screen after getting dirty does not at all look attractive, beautiful or presentable at all. So the prior need to know how to clean laptop screen. Your laptop or your computer should look neat and clean at all times as it makes your personality also hygienic when you are working on it. Now the question is how to clean a laptop screen

Laptops and computer screens are generally cleaned by repairers and technicians related to the electronics fraternity, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot clean your screen by yourself.

We have divided this article into two portions, the first one will help you clean your laptop screen and the second one will help you clean your computer screen if you are a PC user.

You can easily clean your screen at your home by following some simple steps.

Let’s Get Started with Laptop Screens!

how to clean a laptop screen

Before cleaning a laptop screen keep in mind the exact way of how to clean laptop screen, Also you should make sure that your laptop is powered off. You also know that laptop also runs on its built-in battery so to ensure any mishap due to batteries or electricity make sure you unplug all the battery supplies so that no current passes through the laptop while you are working. This is the first step and the most important safety measure you must take to ensure you don’t get injured.

You must clean the laptop screen with a gentle piece of cloth, as rough cloth pieces can cause scratches on the laptop screen.

How to Clean Laptop Screens?

clean laptop screen

A few weeks ago, Jonathon, a student from Oxford University, asked us how to clean laptop screen after he damaged his while cleaning it. So we thought of giving out the ten best solutions on how to clean laptop screen.

·        Magic tricks to clean your laptop screen at home!

Laptops are basically very sensitive devices especially today we have touchscreen laptops that are very sensitive to handle and to clean, and often we go through cases which have resulted in breaking of screens while cleaning. We don’t want that for you! So keep reading for the magical tricks on how to clean laptop screen instantly.

·        Blow dry your screen!

First of all, you must blow all the dust particles off your laptop screen. You may have a hair dryer at your home. Try using it to blow off all the dust gently. Use the cold air blower while using the hair dryer if you are cleaning a touchscreen laptop. If you are cleaning a regular LCD screen, then it doesn’t matter if the air is hot or cold but makes sure you don’t damage the pixels by transferring to much heat to the screen.

·        Use a fiber cloth!

After blow-drying the screen, you must have noticed a clean laptop screen but with some stains. Now to clean these stains from laptop screens, it is recommended that you use a microfibre cloth with some distilled water.

Dip the cloth in the distilled water and squeeze the water out so that it does not drip over the laptop screen. If the water gets into the screen, it is likely that your screen will black out or your touch will be damaged. For a clean laptop screen gently rub the cloth on the screen and wipe it off later with a dry tissue paper. You will see that your screen will be neat and tidy and back as a new one.

·        Use of home supplies!

Some laptop screens can have tough stains that make cleaning laptop screen harder. For these stains, you can simply spray some chemical solutions that are also used in cleaning your other households. The famous laptop cleaner in homes includes Glint and Mr. Clean. These are both one of the best cleaning agents who give you a clean laptop screen. Moreover, laptop screen cleaners are also available in the market you can also buy them and use them to get a clean laptop screen.

We hope that we have answered the question of how to clean laptop screen in detail and now its turn to get your computer screens cleaned.

Easy Peasy Tricks to Clean Computer Screens!

clean computer screen

How to clean computer screen is also one of the widely asked questions by PC users. Well to get a clean computer screen you have to follow some tricks that we have mentioned below for you. So keep reading to get the best way to clean computer screen.

Dust off all the Dirt!

First of all, to clean a computer screen, you have to blow all the dirt and dust off it so that it doesn’t make a muddy texture when you are cleaning it with a wet cloth. For this purpose again you have to take help from girls, yes by this we mean you need a hair dryer that is easily available in every house. Blow all the dirt off and make sure you have cleaned all the sides of the monitor.

Get Started with the Detailed Cleaning!

Now that you have removed all the dirt you need a cloth and water to clean the stains. Now unlike laptop screens, computer screens are not sensitive and can bear a rougher cleaning. So you just have to rub the wet cloth all over the body while cleaning the computer screen and make sure that the water doesn’t drip inside the seals. You will surely get a cleaner look but if it still has stains then…

What to Clean Computer Screen With??

best way to clean computer screen

So from how to clean your computer screen to what to clean computer screen with, we have managed to clean the major part of your computer screen. Now if your computer screen still has some tough stains the best way to clean your computer screen is with the best household cleaner present in your house. Yes! Make a foamy mixture of the household detergent with water and use a sponge to rub the mixture over your old and dirty computer screen. You can also use a computer cleaner from the market and use it in the same manner. Soon after rubbing you will notice a clean computer screen, after rubbing all the stains clean the mess with a clean cloth and dry your computer screen with the dryer again.

We hope that how to clean a laptop screen and how to clean a computer screen is not an unanswered question for you anymore.

Give us your feedback and stay tuned for more cleaning hacks!!!