How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Exploring for the best way of how to clean makeup brushes at home? There are a plethora of methods that you can use for cleaning the makeup brushes. You must clean your make brushes on a periodic basis in order to maintain hygiene. Else, various skin disorders may entrap you. Acne is a quite common issue that arises with the use of dirty makeup brushes.

Hence, it is important to know how to clean makeup brushes with coconut oil and other routinely used materials. If you In addition to this, you should be aware of how to clean eyeshadow brushes. Similarly, the foundation brush is an essential makeup bush which requires cleaning. Chances of rashes, skin infections and other skin issues are quite common when you use the dirty makeup brushes. Let us have a glance at the most step ways of how to clean makeup brushes at home.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes with Baby Shampoo:

Frequency of Cleaning Brushes:

Before commencing cleaning of your brushes, you must know the frequency of cleaning the brushes. Determining it would let you know the right time to wash brushes and surely would save much of your precious time as well. How to clean makeup brushes at home guide tell us that powder and foundation brushes should be cleaned once in a week. While there is a need for biweekly cleaning of the eye makeup brushes. You can wash all other brushes on monthly basis.

Rinsing of Makeup Brush Bristles:

How to clean makeup brushes at home include the cleaning of the bristles of you make up brush. Allow the lukewarm running water to rinse the bristles of the brush while securing the metal clasp. Prevent the entry of water into the metal clasp. Else, it would lead the damage to the brush. Use the lukewarm water for cleaning. If the water is hot then avoid using it for cleaning purpose.

Dipping of Makeup Brush:

Take a small clean bowl. Now add lukewarm water to it. You may check that either the water is lukewarm of hot by touching it with your hand. On getting satisfied that it is lukewarm, dip your makeup brush into it. This step of how to clean your makeup brushes allows you to even use the soap directly on the surface of your brush, especially when it is soiled.

Use of Baby Shampoo:

This step of how to clean your makeup brushes includes the use of another ingredient which is baby shampoo. You can add on little amount of baby shampoo in order to get effective outcomes. Usually, one teaspoon of it is enough to be poured in the cup. Having no baby shampoo is not a problem at all. You can pour the liquid Castile soap in place of the baby shampoo.

Dipping and Swirling in Mixture:

How to clean makeup brushes includes the dipping of brushes bristles into the above-made mixture of water and shampoo. Rather than dipping whole of the bristles, you can use some of the portions of the bristles for dipping and swirling in the mixture.

Take Out Brush from Mixture:

After swirling the brush in the soapy water, all you need to do is to loosen the dirt, debris, and makeup residues from the brush. You can do so with the application of gentle massage on the bristles. For such massage, take the aid of your fingers. This step of how to clean makeup brushes require the massage until the brush get cleaned properly.

Rinsing The Brush Again:

Rinse the bristles of your makeup brush with the lukewarm water. At this step of how to clean makeup brushes naturally, you need to continue massage on the bottom of bristles.

Dry and Reshaping the Bristles:

Make the brush ready to use after cleaning by drying the bristles. Take the clean towel for such purpose and pat the bristles with it in order to make them dry. Reshape the bristles if required. Make the brushes look fluffy so that they perform their function quite better. How to clean makeup brushes without baby shampoo is helpful when you do not have baby shampoo at home.

Consider Some Instructions While Cleaning:

How to clean brushes demands some of the important cautions to be taken. Here, I am going to share some tips with you regarding how to clean brushes so that you can do it more effectively. Let us have a glance at these instructions and tips:

Avoid Upright Storage:

While drying the makeup brushes, avoid to keep them in the upright position. The upright position would lead to the penetration of the water to the clasp of the brush and would ultimately lead to the loosening of the glue as well. It would make the brush least effective and may give are issues of rust as well. Use the upright position only when you are completely satisfied that there is no moisture on the bristles.

Avoid Using Flatiron or Hairdryer:

If you want to avoid the natural air drying process of brushes or prevent the time-consuming soaking of water on the towel, then surely you would rush to artificial means such as hairdryer or flatiron. But, do you know, using these may be harmful to your brushes. How to clean your makeup brushes guide tells that such a means may affect the fibres and may even ruin them badly. It is the intense heat of these sources that lead to such damage. 

Bristles are fragile and are often made from natural source. Hence, these cannot endure such a high temperature of flatiron or hairdryer.

Use Well Ventilated Area for Drying:

For drying of the makeup brushes, take your brush to a well-ventilated area of your home. Considering an enclosed area may not lead to satisfactory results. It would result in the bad odour of the bristles. Hence, how to clean your makeup brushes guide recommends the drying of bristles in a properly ventilated area.

Disinfect The Brush:

How to clean brushes demands the removal of bacteria, germs and all sorts of a foul odour from the brushes. You can do this by disinfecting the makeup brushes. Using the vinegar water mixture is the best for such purpose. Dip your brush bristles in it and then clean and dry it after swirling in the mixture.