The Best Way to Clean a Microfiber Couch

During home decor and house renovation, one phase is to select furniture. While choosing it microfiber furniture is a selection in more than half cases as it is very thin strand synthetic cloth which appears like suede or leather, making it attractive and affordable stuff for sofas and couches. The furniture creators will make you believe that it is resistant to stains and pretty much indestructible. But it is not true!

How to clean microfiber couch is now the problem which arises first after sometime when it gets dirty. The complicated thing about cleaning microfiber couch is that you can’t wash it with soap and water to clean it as it leaves water rings on cloth which look more like stains.Here are a few tips for how to clean microfiber furniture like an expert.

Daily Cleaning:

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Dusting your furniture daily will reduce your issue of how to clean microfiber couch. Dirt is a usual thing which got stuck in the closely packed microfibers and you have to clean it regularly. Simply clean it with a microfiber cleaning cloth or brush it with soft nylon bristled scrubbing brush.

Vacuuming it weekly also helps in cleaning microfiber couch. Moreover, when there is an accidental spill or any spot seen, clean it promptly.A secret solution for cleaning stains instantly and quickly is baby wipes. They can easily clean little spills before they absorb into the fabric.

Following Cleaning Instructions:

Furniture and couches generally have small tags which have codes explaining how to clean microfiber couch. So, before you get to how to clean microfiber cloth, you have to determine which kind of microfiber furniture you have. Search for the tag. After deciding any solution very first test it in an inconspicuous place.

If it has “W” on it, you can use water-based cleaning agents. “S” means it is safe to use solvent based detergents. “S-W,” says both types of cleaners are appropriate. “X” means vacuum only. You are lucky if you have a “W” tag couch. It enables you to go for a wide range of methods to choose for how to clean microfiber couch.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:

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Always use and prefer to use the microfiber cleaning cloth for dusting and cleaning microfiber couch as it is the best cleaning tool which you can exchange for your bucks. It is beneficial to use it as they are excellent absorbent and can easily pick up liquids six times its own weight. Moreover, best microfiber cloths have ultra-thin fibres fits into small cervices to pick up dust and grease.

The microfiber cleaning cloth is cheap and reusable so save your money. Once you have used it washing microfiber cloth and drying it makes it ready to use again. How to wash microfiber towels is the same as other clothes. You can easily wash it by hand with detergent or in the washing machine. These qualities make it the best tool for your problem of cleaning microfiber couch.

Microfiber Cleaner:

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The market provides us with a simple easy and time-saving solution for our problem of how to clean microfiber cloth. Variety of readymade microfiber cleaners are available in stores. You just have to spray them on your microfiber reclining sofa or other microfiber couches. Rub them with any sponge. If there is any sticky spot r spilt built up, brush it with a soft toothbrush. Now press it with an absorbent microfiber cleaning cloth and lift it up.

Rubbing Alcohol:

How to clean microfiber couch with rubbing alcohol is also very effortless. Remove the cushions.Load a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. Spritz it on the soiled areas and the stains. Blot and gently rub it with a white or natural coloured sponge or a fabric. Allow the alcohol to air dry or speed up the process with a blow dryer on the cool setting especially on wet spots.

Soap Suds:

If your couch is water safe then the easy answer to how to clean microfiber couch is scrubbing it with soap suds. You will be in the chaos that how to clean microfiber cloth with soap. Add a large amount of dishwashing liquid in a bowl and add warm water to it. And stir it to make surds. Dip a clean white cloth or a dye free sponge in the froth avoiding the water. Now softly rub the couch with it.

How to clean microfiber with soap need a little care. You have to wipe off the suds with a dry white cloth before getting it absorbed in the couch. Working in sections is necessary for how to clean microfiber couch efficiently and deeply.

Baking Soda:

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Making baking soda paste with water also provides an economical way to how to clean microfiber couch. Applying a thick paste of baking soda not only cleans the dirt and grease but also don’t leaves the water rings and spots on the microfiber cloth making how to wash microfiber cloth flawless and water stain free. After rubbing and cleaning it with a colourless cloth let it air dry or blow dry.

Sticky Stuff:

Cleaning the dirt and spots is not the only goal in how to clean microfiber couch but sometimes there are other difficulties we have to face. Different stuff stuck on couches is to be removed. How to clean microfiber from a bubble gum or how to clean microfiber from thick grease which is not absorbable in soap or cleaners. Bubble gums can be removed with the help of ice and grease can be removed with WD40.

Fluffing and Protection:

Sometimes the fibres of the cloth become tough and hard after cleaning with above-discussed approaches for how to clean microfiber couch. There’s a simple solution to this dilemma. Gently rub the stiff fibres with a clean, soft scrub brush, or the scrubby side of a clean sponge. You can also fix this with a fine comb. This will fluffs up the fibres of the fabric, making it soft and plush again. Optionally treat it with fabric protector spray to keep it safe for longer.