The Best Way to Clean Oven Using Best Natural Oven Cleaner

What is the most used and most important item in your kitchen? Without any doubt, it’s your oven and stove where you cook everything. Whether it’s Sunday, Monday or any day of the week, you will have to use your oven or stove even for a cup of tea. OK, we have talked a lot about the importance of oven, now let’s talk about a self-cleaning oven.

Oven cleaning is the most difficult kitchen task. It is not just difficult but a messy thing to do. But you can’t ignore it just because it’s difficult and messy. We can tell you some tips and ideas and these tips and ideas can make the self-cleaning oven an easier task to do.

Why Oven Cleaning is Necessary?

When you cook food or bake something in the oven, the food and the fat in the food gets stuck on the walls, trays, racks,and roof of the oven. If you will not clean your oven for a longer period of time, these stuck food and fat may start affecting the performance of the oven because this food and fat will not let the proper heat reach your food and hence you will be consuming more gas and more time to cook. Apart from the efficiency, there’s a chance that bacteria may start developing there and hence it will not be good for you and your family health. OK, I guess now you are convinced and you are ready for cleaning the oven.

How to Start a Self Cleaning Oven?

how to self clean oven

First of all, stop using your oven at least 2 hours before you start cleaning. 2 hours are enough for it to get cool. Once it gets cool, remove the racks and trays and perform a little dusting to remove the topical dust from the oven. And then with a rubber wipe or piece of cloth, remove the food remains from the floor of the oven. Once you are done with this topical cleaning, you are ready for the next step of a self-cleaning oven.

Prepare The Best Oven Cleaner

best oven cleaner

Let’s now clean oven with Baking Soda because baking soda is the best oven cleaner. Take a bowl, big enough in which you can create the magical mixture for the self-cleaning oven. Take half a cup of baking soda in that bowl and now mix enough water to make a paste. Mix it well and wait for at least fifteen minutes.

After fifteen minutes, the best oven cleaner would be ready to perform its magic. Put on rubber gloves or any safety gloves and apply this paste on to the walls of the oven. Spread it everywhere inside the oven but don’t spread it on the heating element. You can use cloth or rubber wipe to spread this mixture but with the cloth, you may not reach to the corners that’s why we recommended the rubber or any safety gloves. Use the same magic mixture on the glass window of your oven. Once you have applied all the mixture, leave it there and now let’s move to the next step.

How to Clean Oven Racks?

how to clean oven racks

While you are waiting for the baking soda to perform its magic, you can start cleaning the racks. Take a big plastic tub if you have. Don’t worry if you don’t have any big enough plastic tub because you have your bathtub. Fill the tub with the hot water and pour the washing powder in it. After mixing well, put the racks in this hot water mixed with washing powder. Leave it there for one night. This step will make it easier for you to clean by just wiping the cloth.

How to Clean Stove Top?

how to clean stove top

Now you have applied baking soda inside the oven and put the oven racks in hot water. So why not to start cleaning stove top? But the question is how to clean stove top? Stovetop may be as dirty and message as the oven it. But here you will have to prepare a separate mixture. Take a tablespoon of baking soda, and the same amount of salt. Mix them both in the water to make a paste and leave it for a couple of minutes. Once the paste is ready, apply this paste on the stove top. Now you are done for today because the remaining task will be completed the next morning.

Morning Magic

Next morning you have to take out the racks from the tub and scrub them to remove the greasy stuff from it. It will be easier now as washing powder and the hot water would have done their job well overnight.

Now move to the kitchen and wipe the baking soda out from the oven. It will give you a smile because you will be able to see the magic baking soda as has done. But the job is not done yet.

Vinegar – Natural Oven Cleaner

Now take a spray bottle and put some vinegar in that. Spray the vinegar inside the oven on every wall and on the glass as well. Just avoid the heating element. And do the same for the stove top. Now you are almost done with the self cleaning oven. Let’s give this self cleaning oven mission the last touch but wiping the vinegar with the help of a dry cloth. Wipe the thoroughly and you will get a clean and shiny oven.

Now put the racks back in the oven and you’re ready to use your oven again. But this time it’s a neat and clean oven which won’t waste any extra gas and you will not have to wait extra hours for cooking food. Hope this self cleaning oven mission with the best oven cleaner made by you wasn’t a hectic one. You can perform this best way to clean oven once in a month. The best thing about this best way to clean oven is that you don’t get tired because the whole mission was split into two days. You get an overnight rest to ready again with full zeal and zest and then you get the reward in the form of the clean oven. For more cleaning ideas, read other posts on this blog.