Rubber Cleaning

Rubber cleaner products are very difficult and we are often asked the question of how to clean rubber products! So when we were being bombed by the same question How to clean rubber several times we thought of answering this question and giving our readers a thorough detail of what and how they should clean their rubber products!

There are many rubber products used by us on a daily basis we will like to elaborate on each one of them turn by turn!

Firstly! How To Clean Rubber Car Mats?

how to clean rubber car mats

Rubber mats in cars are a great way of protecting your cars carpets and interior matting or fitted mats as you call them. They can easily save your car from getting muddy and moist. It is a great choice to use car rubber mats during the cold season as when a greater amount of dirt mixed with rainwater, snow and other external particles comes on the way of your shoes the only saviour is the mats of your cars.

If rubber mats are left for more time uncleaned, the dirt and contaminants can get hard to clean and can work their way into the carpet and mats underneath the rubber car mats, they kill the objective of using them in the first place that is as you know to keep the underneath layer cleaned. Some cars such as jeeps that are made to be used off-road and for mountainous rides may have rubber fitted mats instead of the regular carpeted ones in the common sedans. It is therefore important to clean them on a regular basis so that they don’t get dirty and give a new shiny look.

The best way to clean car mats is by the use of some best rubber cleaner product available in the market. Don’t buy specifically the car cleaner or car mat cleaner because most of the times chemical is the same but prices are higher when the tag of “car cleaner” is used for any product. Once you buy the best yet economical rubber cleaner product in a spray bottle, you won’t need to ask again how to clean rubber mats or how to clean car mats.

How to Clean Rubber Phone Case?

how to clean rubber phone case

How to clean rubber phone case is a very frequently asked question as rubber phone cases get dirty very often and it is very difficult to clean them and to get their colour back.

Here are some simple steps that will help you clean your rubber phone case:

First of all, you have to remove the case from your phone. Then you have to wash the rubber case of your phone with a dish liquid or detergent and a soft cloth which will prevent it from getting scratchy. Then you have to check whether if the area is still discoloured and dirty if yes then you have to moisten or dip a micro fibre cloth with isopropyl alcohol and rub the dirty area of the rubber case of your phone. If the dirt stains still remain then do not worry, we have another trick for you, mix some dishwashing liquid with warm water in a bowl or in a closed sink. You have to add the borax solution to the mixture, and then you just have to let your phone case stay dip in the mixture for about an hour or two. Then gently rub the dirty areas with an old brush, you can use a nail brush or an old toothbrush for this purpose of rubbing the rubber phone case, after rubbing just then rinse the case well. Some rubber cases are very dirty due to negligence and are very hard to clean for these types if the stains have still not been removed after all the above-mentioned tricks then simply mix some baking soda with water to make an applicable paste. Just spread the paste over the stains. Let the baking soda paste dry over the rubber case and let it stay overnight on your phone after that wash it thoroughly in the morning and you will see definite results!

Another way of how to clean rubber case is to use the same rubber cleaner product that we mentioned above in our “How to clean rubber car mats” section. A rubber cleaner product can not only clean your rubber car mats but you won’t also get the answer of how to clean rubber case.

How to Clean Rubber Shoes?

how to clean sticky rubber

How to clean rubber shoes is yet another frequently asked question. In rubber cleaner tips cleaning rubber, shoes are one of the key discussions! Rubber shoes are actually the running shoes that you use for jogging or for a workout!

So let us tell you in some simple steps how to clean rubber soles and rubber shoes as they are very commonly used and can get very dirty due to the massive wear age.

You just have to use a dry brush, you can use old nail polish brushes or you can use an old toothbrush as it has best cleaning results to brush off any dirt from anything in the world as we have made it as a universal rubber cleaner. There’s no need to worry about if the dirt doesn’t go away after brushing just follow the simple steps! You need the following things to clean the mess!

  • Baking Soda
  • Laundry Detergent or liquid soap!

Mix these two substances thoroughly and apply this to the dirty areas on your rubber shoes with an old toothbrush. You have to rub well your shoes until the stains start to fade away. Finally, you have to just take a clean sponge or a micro fibre cloth, dip this micro fibre cloth or sponge into the water and wipe the soapy solution of baking powder and detergent to ensure all of it comes off after you have rubbed it thoroughly. This rubbing is very important since you don’t want your now clean rubber shoes especially the soles to have any soapy mixture leftover that can get them dirty again. Dry your shoes with a micro fibre cloth so that the moist soles don’t get muddy.  There are some people who have told us that they dried their shoes with a hairdryer to do this job quickly and thoroughly, we haven’t tried using this trick as we don’t know whether the rubber can sustain the heat or whether it would damage the shoes or not but the maximum of those people say that this works efficiently and there is no better drying hack then this.

You can try this yourself at your home and can share your experience with us and can let us know how to clean your rubber products. If you use any rubber cleaner, let us know about that so that we may post a review about that rubber cleaner. Rubber products are hard to clean but they can be done easily if you follow the above-mentioned steps for the mentioned products. For more cleaning hacks stay tuned for our upcoming articles.

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