PC Clean Up Shortcuts – The Easy Way To Do It At Home.

Does your computer slows down more often??? Do you get irritated when your pc slows down and lags performance? If yes then don’t worry we have the perfect guide for you to optimize your PC’s performance. So one thing must be very much clear to you that you have been collecting a lot of junk in your pc that has caused it to slow down. If you had been cleaning that shit regularly, it would have been a different story today, and you must have been watching a movie on it instead of reading this article. Well now the milk has been spilled, it’s time for you to stop crying and clean it up.

So What’s Troubling You!

One question must be hitting you hard in your head right now that How to clean up your computer? Well cleaning up your pc is not a difficult process. However, it can be a bit hard for those who are not familiar with cleaning up their lagging personal systems regularly just like you! PC system cleanup is related with the disk clean up, Yes! Disk clean-ups, not the disks you get to watch movies but the built-in disk drives of the computer which it uses to store your work and important files along with the junk you collect.

How to Get Your PC Cleanup Done in Seconds?

how to clean up your computer

To clean your computer system, you must follow some steps. So let’s begin.

  • First of all, shut down all the applications you’re using on your computer.
  • Go to the Start Menu.
  • Find disk cleanup application in the start menu and open it up.
  • Now when the window open’s up you will see a list of files there.
  • Delete all these files.
  • Temporary Internet files
  • Temporary files
  • Thumbnails
  • Downloaded program files
  • Offline web pages

Didn’t affect your computer? Don’t worry try this…

After performing a disk clean up, you will notice a major difference in the running of your pc. It will surely maximize its optimization. PC cleanup from the market can cost you some unnecessary money which you don’t need to pay at all unless you have corrupted all of your system applications. After disk clean up if your pc still lags, you must be thinking that how to clean up your computer while staying at home and saving the cost. Don’t you worry at all, we have another solution for you that might help you completely. This solution is called “uninstalling of the crap” you don’t use at all in your pc.

Congratulation! You’ve been collecting junk all the time.

There are often some applications and games that you download from the internet. These applications may not be compatible with the system capacity of your pc. So what happens is that they consume a lot of your PC’s RAM hence slowing it down to perform other simple activities. So you should delete or uninstall these files immediately. For your pc cleanup, you have to remove these applications to follow the following steps.

  • Close all the applications you are using and refresh your system a few times.
  • Go to the Start menu on the taskbar and open it up.
  • In the start menu, you will find a control panel icon.
  • Open up the control panel menu.
  • In the control panel, you will find another icon named as manage applications or uninstall programs.
  • Open that icon, and you will find a complete list of applications that you can remove that are not being used or are consuming a lot of space in your pc.
  • Uninstall all the necessary files and close the control panel.
  • Restart your system; you are too good to go now.

How to Clean Computer Hardware?

clean computer

Well, cleaning up doesn’t mean you just have to clear the crap in the software applications and the Windows operating system of your computer. Hardware parts also get roughly used and can often get dirty hence slowing down the performance of your overall system. So how to clean up your computer motherboard? Well, let us make it simple for you. You just need compressed air to clean the hardware parts of your computer. To clean the motherboard,

  • Turn off your computer completely and plug out the power.
  • Open the body case of the Central processing unit.
  • Give a short burst of airs to clear the dust of all the chipsets and buses of the CPU, if you are doing this at home you can use a hair dryer, or you can simply clean it with the help of paint or toothbrush.
  • Clean the system completely and close the casing after you have done the cleaning.
  • Plug the PC back; you are good to use.

Is there is a difference between cleaning a computer having window 7 and the other Windows 10? How to clean your computer windows 10

No, pc cleanup process is the same for all versions of windows operating in a pc, Yes! There are differences in the cleaning process on the basis of new and old features. For instance, the start menu’s the overall displays of both windows are different, and so their usage is. However, window 7 consumes less RAM then the Windows 10 on a normal PC, so cleaning one with windows 7 will make it work faster than the one having windows 10. So, don’t you worry on how to clean pc having Windows 7 or Windows 10, the basic process is the same for both of them.

Ever tried system cleaning with online software, No? try reading how to clean a computer with different software?

People today have also developed new system applications for cleaning junk in your system. These software applications are being used extensively by users all over the world. If you don’t feel satisfied with the built-in cleaning system of your computer, then you should try these software applications, but using them more often can also slow your computer system. Some of the best computer cleaning software is

  • CCleaner Freeware
  • AVG PC Tuneup
  • Eraser for pc
  • Clean PC Master
  • Clean My Computer 2018

Still failed to optimize your PC?? Try rebooting it!

If all of these steps do not help you optimize your PC’s performance and if you still want to clean up your computer system at home than you should wipe your computer and reboot it from the very start. The following steps will help you in how to clean up computer with wiping process.

  • Look at your keyboard; you will see the Windows button and the letter “C” button above it. Press both of them and the Charms Menu will pop up on your screen.
  • Select the search option from the pop-up window and write “reinstall.” Do not press the enter button.
  • Now select the settings option from the window.
  • On the left side of your screen, you will now see “Remove everything and reinstall Windows.”
  • Afterward, open the Reset your PC screen and click the “Next.” Option.
  • An option is saying “Do you want to clean your drive fully” will pop up, select the Just remove my files bar to for quick deletion of files or you can also select “erase the all drive” bar to erase all the files.
  • Click the “ready to reset screen” open it, and select Reset.
  • Your data will be wiped out from the hard drive, and a fresh Window would be installed in your computer.

These steps will give you a complete computer cleanup.

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