How to Clean White Shoes with Household Products

So it’s a universal fact that white stuff often gets dirtier than any other color. So if you’ve got white shoes, it means you have to take extra care of them as they can get dirtier. Footwear can easily get dirty as it has more contact with dirt and dust and so shoe cleaning has been a very old problem. Now you must be thinking that how to clean white shoes in the most proper and efficient way. Don’t worry we’ve got the best cleaning hacks for your white shoes.

Shoes today are made up of different stuff, some are made of cloth, some of the rubber, some of the leather all of them for different people and for different purposes. So we’ll go through every product one by one, and we’ll give you some home remedies to clean your shoes. Most people irritates while buying white shoes, just because they didn’t know how to clean white shoes when they get dirty.  Keep reading to know the exact way of how to clean white shoes.

So let’s start with canvas shoes.

How to Clean White Canvas Shoes?

how to clean white canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are the new trend today. These have replaced the old joggers today and are really in, in the market. Canvas shoes are more readily available in white color, and they look really dash in white. So if you have bought white canvas shoes, you have done the very right thing, but now you have to take care of them and make sure they don’t get dirty.

Let’s face reality! White shoes will get dirty at all costs. Obviously, you have not bought them to wear them while sleeping so getting dirty and stained is a sure shot. Now let’s get with the cleaning.

The best way to clean white shoes especially canvas is with baking powder. Yes! The use of baking powder can easily make your shoes clean. Cleaning white shoes with baking soda are very easy. You must have the following things with you for cleaning:

  • Old toothbrush
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Cloth

Take water in a bowl and add baking soda in it to form a cloudy mixture for your shoes. Now apply this mixture on your canvas shoes with the help of the toothbrush. Thoroughly brush your shoes with the brush. You will see that after a few minutes of brushing your shoes have turned white and tidy. Clean the mess with a cloth and let your shoes dry.

How To Clean White Leather Shoes?

how to clean white leather shoes

If you have got white shoes of leather and you need to clean them, then don’t worry we have got the best cleaning hacks for you and your shoes. White leather shoes are often used in jogging and running practices. So they tend to get dirty quicker as they are used more often. If you want to clean your white shoes of leather, you may need to follow some simple steps. First of all get a white toothpaste and apply it all over your shoe especially on the stained area. Take a spray bottle and gently spray water all over the shoe. Now take a brush and start rubbing it. Apply a few drops of liquid detergent while rubbing so that a cloudy and foamy mixture forms. Now take the shoe and wash it with the help of moderate water. Don’t wash it with water having extreme temperatures as it can damage the leather. Leave the wet and clean shoes in sunlight for a day and let them dry.

How to Clean White Tennis Shoes?

how to clean white tennis shoes

If you are thinking of how to clean white shoes for sports particularly tennis then don’t you worry, we have the perfect cleaning hacks for you. Shoes used in sports are often made of rubber. White tennis shoes are also made up of white rubber. So as you know that rubber and most particularly white rubber gets dirty more easily. Now we must find some ways to clean our white rubber shoes, right?

So let’s get started.

Before giving you the tips for cleaning one thing must be mentioned that you can also wash rubber shoes in washing machines as they are hard to wear. So now let’s see what we need, to clean white shoes you need bleach, vinegar, baking soda, salt, water, and a brush. Now take a bowl and add ¾ cup of vinegar in it now that you have added vinegar you must add a teaspoon of salt in it and mix the solution. Now add a glass of water in this solution and add three tablespoons of baking soda in it. Mix the solution thoroughly so that a cloudy solution forms. Now take a brush and apply the solution on it and rub the leather shoes with it. After the stains have lightened up take back and clean your shoes with it. You will get clean white shoes for sure.

How to Clean White Cloth Shoes?

Cloth shoes may they be of any color can get dirty easily. However, white cloth shoes can get dirty easier. So if you think that how to clean white fabric shoes than don’t worry we will provide you with the perfect hacks that will help you get rid of stains and dirt from your shoes.

Now let’s get started. You must take liquid or powdered detergent, bleach, water, brush, and lemon. Now take a bowl and add a cup of water in it. Squeeze to lemons in the water and mix it thoroughly. Now apply detergent on your white cloth shoes after dusting the dry dirt off. Rub the detergent with the lemon water with the help of a brush. You will see that the stains will start to wear off. After washing them completely, you can bleach them. You will get shiny white shoes.

So we hope that your question on how to clean white shoes of different material is answered in detail. Feel free to give us feedback after using these tricks and share your experience with your white shoes with us.