Easy Hacks on How to Clean Windows

How to clean windows is a very frequently asked question by all ages in all departments. People today are more sensitive and careful in maintaining their hygiene. And we all know that windows are a very important part of a house, office, room or even a school or mall. Clean windows give a very clean image and attractive look to the building itself. Dirty windows are least attractive, and they ruin the beauty of a building. Despite all this today we have new designs for our exterior which gives us more windows and ducts for more sunlight and air. So all of this situation needs the best way to clean windows. We all need some window washing solutions for our windows. So let’s get going with some easy tricks to clean windows.

Window Washing Tricks and Guide

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As mentioned earlier window washing is very much important for our overall outlook, so we have to do something to clean our windows. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started…

The easy part in window cleaning is within the inner side which is more easily accessible for you. You cannot clean the outer side of a window easily by yourself, but we will move towards it later. For now, we will see how to wash windows from the inside first.

Cleaning the Inner Side of the Window

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The inner side of the window is much easier than the outside, but you must gather some household stuff before cleaning the inner side of your window. You must have two tubs of water with you, don’t worry we will tell you what to do with them. Place one tub of clean water on a side, and we will start with the other tub. Now we must see that what type of dirt or stains we have on your window. If you have simple water stains on dust, then you can easily clean your dirty window with simple cloth and water only, but if you have dirty and tough stains, then you must follow some simple steps.

Use Baking Soda

First, to clean the inner side of the windows take some baking soda and apply it on the window. Swish some water on the window and rub the soda on the screen vigorously you will soon see that the window stains from the inner side.

Use Vinegar With Salt Water

Take some salt water in the other tub and add a cup of vinegar in it. Mix it thoroughly. Take a sponge and swish it into the mixture. Now start rubbing your window stains with this sponge, and you will see that your window stains will start to wear.

Use Lemon Water!

Lemon water can also be used if you are thinking of how to clean window stains from the inside. This water has acidic properties and can easily fight the stains. So you can easily use this water to clear your stains, especially the tough water stains.

Actually what happens is that water stains can be very hard to remove if not treated there and then? They form a basic salt stain all over your window glass. So this lemon water will help you to how to clean glass with it.

Use of Glint in Cleaning the Glass

You can easily use glint or any other window glass cleaner to get rid of stains. You just have to spray it on the window and use a newspaper or simple paper to rub the screen,

Don’t miss an important here that windows are cleaned more effectively if cleaned with paper, then fabric. The cloth is not an effective tool in window cleaning. So you must use a sponge or paper to do this job.

Cleaning the Window from The Outside

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Now comes the difficult part, cleaning the windows from the outside. Outside cleaning of windows can be as easy as inner if they are on your level but high windows are hard to clean. So, if you are thinking of how to clean outside windows you can’t reach, then it is definitely a thing to worry about. But don’t we will give you some tips that will help you to get rid of stains on the outside.

One of the important facts is that the outside of a window gets dirtier than the inner one. So you have to spend more time on its cleaning, but we will help you do it the right way.

Get A Ladder!

Well, let’s start with the basic tip we can give. You can use a ladder to clean the outside of the window. Get up to the level of the window and start cleaning it with a newspaper and the above-mentioned solutions. Now you must be wondering that how can you take tubs and water with you on a ladder but don’t worry you have the magic trick you can leave the stuff where it was and open the window and ask a person to give to you outside the window. In this way, you don’t have to worry about carrying the stuff you can take it from the inside when you are up.

Washing Windows from the Outside!

Washing windows from the outside is a tough job but a fun thing to do to. So if you have a pressure pump, then you don’t have to worry about it. It is the best way to wash the window from the outside. Simply get up to the window with the ladder apply detergent or liquid soap and rub it nicely. After that get down to start your pressure pump and attach a water pipe with it. The water flow can easily reach up to the window and clean it. You must use the best window cleaning solution for this job as you can’t go up and down to rub it all over again. After you have washed the window, you have to get up again and dry it out as you have to make sure that water stains don’t get in the way again.

We hope your question to how to clean windows and especially how to clean windows at home is answered in detail. Share your experience with us and give us the detail of how you did it.