How to Clean Wood Furniture The Right Way?

Basically, all the furniture in our homes is majorly made up of the wood. Our beds, dining table, chairs, other tables everything is almost made up of wooden. So if the major part of your living consists of wood, then you must keep it clean to make sure that you have the cleanest furniture. Clean furniture changes the outlook of a room. It makes it look more handsome and presentable. So for a clean, handsome and attractive room, it is necessary that you clean your wooden furniture. So if you are thinking of how to clean wood furniture, then you are in the right place. We will provide you with the best cleaning wood furniture tips,

So How Did It Get Too Old Fashioned and Dirty?

You must be thinking that you had been cleaning your furniture on a daily basis then how the hell did it get so dirty and old looking. What happens is that the polish has worn out. And that is why it is giving an ugly look. But let’s leave this phenomenon aside; we’ll get back to it later. Right now let’s see how we have to clean the wood furniture.

How to Dust Wood Furniture?

cleaning wood furniture

You must dust all the wooden furniture you have at least two times a week. This dusting will help your wood to remain clean and will get rid of all the particle that has added dirt to them. You must take a soft cloth most likely you should take microfibre cloth that will help you to collect all the dust from your furniture and will give it a shiny look.

If you have carved furniture, then you must make sure that you have a little paintbrush or a feather brush for more thorough cleaning of your wood. You must clean all the possible parts of your furniture as this dirt can destroy the polish of your furniture if not cleaned.

How to Clean Wood Furniture After Dusting?

how to clean wood furniture with vinegar

Now you must read this very carefully as it can either destroy your polish or can make your table clean. So how to clean wood after dusting? First of all, you should check whether your wooden furniture is having any plastic covering or any protective coating on itself. If yes, then you are ready to go with the cleaning and if not then you must not clean the furniture until and unless you test the cleansing liquid on an unnoticeable part of your furniture. For instance, if you have any table try to spray the cleaner on the inside of its legs so that you can find out whether it removes the color and polish of the table. If it does stick to water and cloth cleaning and if not you can easily clean the table or furniture with the liquid detergent cleaner. This liquid detergent is easily available in the market, and you can easily get it.

Now the question is that how should we clean wood furniture if it has no protection and the stains are not letting go of it still after you have washed them with warm water.

Don’t Worry We Have The Perfect Hack For You! → “Vinegar”

Cleaning wood furniture without a protective sheet or any coat is very hard, but we have the perfect home remedy to clean wood furniture. So you must be thinking that how to clean wood furniture with vinegar? Or how to remove scratches from wood with vinegar? Don’t worry we will guide you completely about all the stuff about vinegar on wood and its amazing effects.

First of all use vacuum cleaner to suck out all the dust from the wood. Now that the wood is cleaned up from the dust lets move towards the shining work to get clean wood furniture.

Cleaning wood with vinegar is an old practice and a few years back it was basically used to clean white wood furniture. Now one thing is clear that you can clean your furniture by yourself at home, now let’s see how it is done and how to restore wood furniture with vinegar.

Take a cup of vinegar and add lemon in it. Mix both of them very thoroughly. Now spray water on your wood furniture and clean it with micro fabric cloth. Now after you have done this add the vinegar and lemon solution in a spray bottle and directly spray it on the stained areas of the wood you can also use vinegar to remove varnish from wood. Take a sponge and start rubbing the vinegar very gently on the stains. You will see that the stains start wearing off gradually. Make sure you don’t let vinegar or water stay long on the wood furniture as it can damage the wood easily. You have to be careful and quick in this process. If you are thinking of how to clean wood furniture at home than this is the best method and you must know vinegar is also used as natural wood furniture cleaner. So now you know how to clean wood furniture with vinegar.

How Do I Polish My Furniture?

how to remove scratches from wood with vinegar

Water furniture or waterproof furniture can be easily cleaned and polished but those who aren’t cannot be done easily. However, a little trick is here for you which give your furniture a little new look than its previous condition.

You must take a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil and add them to brown shoe polish and mix it. Now take a brush and apply the polish on it. Start rubbing this polish evenly on the furniture to get a shiny look. Rub the polish on all sides and in all places. After the rubbing is done, let the polish rest for 15 minutes and after that clean it with a microfiber cloth.

We hope you have read all the basic cleaning old wood furniture tricks and now you will make your wood furniture clean. Now you have the answer to how to clean wood furniture. It is time to apply it now and give your feedback to us.