How To Clean Wooden Salad Bowls?

Wooden salad bowls looks very stylish and elegant for serving the salad. That is why mostly people purchase the wooden salad bowls and use them in their parties and functions to decorate the dining and table. Plastic and glass bowls are also very common but they can’t replace wooden salad bowls. Nowadays it’s an antique sort of trend.

No doubt, serving salad in a wooden salad bowl looks so nice but taking care of the bowl is a very difficult task. Most people are confused about how to clean them? And how to take care of bowls? You just need to be more careful while using wooden bowls to prevent splitting and cracks. Your wooden bowl will be long lasting if you regularly take care of your bowl. Mostly woods like cherry, maple, and black walnut are used to make the best wooden salad bowls. Usually, the handmade wooden bowls are made with the good quality of wood.

Cleaning the wooden salad bowls:

Wooden salad bowls are 5 times more sensitive than the bowls made with other materials. That’s why you need extra ordinary care when you are cleaning them. Following a regular cleaning process can keep your salad bowl perfect. Here are some important tips to clean the wooden bowl.

  • Use a regular dish washing liquid soap.
  • To keep the original quality of the wooden bowl and for cleaning purposes use warm water.
  •  Soft sponge is much beneficial rather than the rough scrubber in order to avoid scratches.
  • Towel and cotton clothes are best to use for soaking water from the bowl.

Remember that! Never ever put the wooden salad bowl in the dish washer for cleaning purposes and always make it sure that it doesn’t get the chance to soak the water. If wooden bowl soaks the water then it will start showing problematic symptoms such as cracks, fuzzy dry, and split. So keep these things in mind when ever you clean wooden bowl.

Seasoning Your Wooden Salad Bowl:

Seasoning of a wooden bowl is process that helps to maintain the performance of the bowl. Whenever you feel that your wooden bowl is fuzzy and looks too dry just re-season the wooden bowl to maintain the bowl’s life. Mineral oil, paper towel, and tissue paper are the things used for seasoning the wooden bowl.

Process of seasoning the wooden bowl:

  • Place your wooden bowl on a flat surface and take some mineral oil in a container.
  • Now warm up the mineral oil on the stove at medium heat, turn off the stove when it’s done.
  • Dip the paper towel in mineral oil.
  • Rub the oily paper towel on the wooden bowl and rub all the areas very well.
  • Now remove the extra oil from the wooden bowl.

Sanitizing of wooden bowl:

When seasoning and cleaning of wooden salad bowl is done then most important factor comes, which is sanitizing process. It’s a normal practice to wash the bowl before and after use. After some time wooden bowl needs special care for sanitizing it. You can’t ignore this fact because it’s a health issue. By just washing the wooden bowl with soap is not enough to sanitize your bowl. Vinegar and warm water is used for sanitizing the wooden bowl.


Cleaning, seasoning, and sanitizing are important factors to keep the quality of the wooden bowl. These factors will surely help to make your wooden bowl long-lasting.