How to Clean Your Room Fast

Got scolded by your mum? Don’t worry we are here to pamper you and to clean your room. Clea Well, you have to clean your room it is important as a dirty room also gives a bad image of your personality as well so you have to clean the stuff in your room. Rooms should actually be maintained on a daily basis but if you don’t clean your room for a longer period it can get very worse, and it can get very hard to clean all the room stuff. We will give you room cleaning tips for how to clean your room which will help you clean your room in a precise way.

So Let’s Get Started!

Room cleaning is not that hard you just have to look where to start from, and you will get to the end soon. First of all closely observe the mess you have in your room. The most common type of mess in your room can be dirty clothes on the couch, dirty side tables, undressed bed sheet, pillow covers gone missing, dirty plates and glasses all over the room, dirty windows, dirty curtains, dirty carpet, untidy floor, untidy washroom, and the most dangerous untidy cupboard.

Now we know what mess have we created and what in front of us now the main problem is to how to clean your room? Let’s go step by step of how to clean room and how to cleaning room appliances.

Messy Clothes!

First of all, you must start collecting the clothes and the dirty wrappers and stuff from your floor. Now you have to be a little sensible, don’t collect all the stuff and throw it away in another room now if you have started cleaning your room let’s do it the right way. Now collect all the dirty clothes and dump them in the washing area in the basket or the drum whatever you have in your house to collect dirty clothes. All the wrappers and packets must be thrown in the dustbin. Make sure you do all this the right way. Don’t cheat! It’s your own room!

Get A Fabric Cloth!

After you have collected all the waste from your room start dusting your shelves your side tables, study table, and mirror. You must remove all the dust from them. Once you have removed all the dust from them. Get some glint or table cleaner to give it a nice shiny look. Clean all the mentioned stuff with glint or any other household cleaning product. You will get a cleaner look of your room. Now you will be thinking about how to clean your room floor? Don’t worry we’ll move towards that. Just keep reading below!

Cleaning Bedroom Floor!

cleaning bedroom

Cleaning your bedroom floor is the next step of our cleaning process. The best way to clean your room floor is with a vacuum cleaner. First of all, take a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean all the floor with it don’t even miss the floor under the bed get it all cleared up. After all the cleaning with the vacuum is done, you must use a mop for marble floor or a broom for carpet for a more thorough cleaning. After all of the cleaning is done on the floors let’s move towards the book rack and study.

Cleaning Your Study Mess

cleaning my room

Now let’s get started with collecting all your books from all over your room and start with the piling them up nicely in your book rack. Clean your study table and arrange all the stationery in a cup or your drawers. Don’t let them be on the table as they give a very untidy look. Soon you will see that we have done 5o percent of our work but don’t stop yet there’s a long way to go yet on learning how to clean your room by yourself. Let’s move towards your bed!

Cleaning Your Bed

how to clean bedroom

Bed in the main part of your room, you have to give it a tidy and handsome look. Now start with removing your old bedsheet and get a new and neat one from your mum or from the closet where you guys keep me. Nicely dress your bed with the new bedsheet and get your pillow covers changed too — this one of the highest landmarks you have achieved in cleaning your room. Room cleaning is almost complete now but not finished yet. Let’s move towards windows and curtains.

Cleaning Your Dirty Windows Is Compulsory

Windows of your room must be cleaned in the same manner as you cleaned the side tables and study by the use of a liquid spray and a cloth. Now coming to the curtains, if you have really dirty curtains, then you must give them up for dry cleaning, and if you have less tidy curtains, then you can simply dust them off with the help of a brush. Now, let’s move towards the next part.

Arranging Your Cupboard

Cupboard cleaning can be very much tough but don’t worry and start with hanging the clothes after you have hanged all the shirts and upper wear. Fold and pile up the jeans and lower wear stuff and the racks below. Nicely arrange all the stuff so that you can find it easily when you need to. Get your shoes and dust them outside your house and clean them properly. After that arrange them in the lower rack of your for your shoes.

Last But Not Least

The last one tip on how to clean your room is cleaning your own bathroom. After the general cleaning of your room is done completely, you must take a shower and after the shower arrange all your bathroom accessories back in their place and wipe the floor completely. Get the seat cover of your toilet seat hanging and make sure it is clean.

Congratulation you have learned now that how to clean your room completely step by step so that you don’t get into trouble and don’t worry you can now show your clean room to your mum and please her with it. Hard work pays off and so does cleaning your room. Now that your room is neat and clean make sure you maintain it or else you will have to come again here and do all the exercises again. So it’s better to be on the safe side and maintain your hygiene and cleanliness yourself.