How to Clean Your TV Screen?

best way to clean tv screen

If you want to see how the world has changed, you can just have a look at your TV. How gigantic and heavy your TV used to be in recent days. Yes, I’m talking about older Cathode Ray Tube Television Sets. In the early ages, these TV used to come in Wooden Box which used to make it so heavy. Then there came the flat TV sets. Everyone was feeling proud to have 42-inch flat TV at home. Flat TV enjoyed a very short period because this flat TV was replaced with LCD and LED TV. Now LED TV is so common that almost 90% of houses which have TV own LED TV.And now there might just a few homes where cathode ray tube TV would be still in use.

Well, this post is not about the history of the TV rather it was about how to clean your TV screen. Whatever type of TV you have, we will tell how to clean it whether you want to know about cleaning flat screen TV or if you want to know how to clean an LCD TV screen. Cathode Ray Tube TV is just rare so I guess we don’t need to discuss the cleaning of old cathode ray tube TV screen.

Well in the first paragraph you might have observed that we went a bit out of topic and started discussing the history. The main purpose was to discuss different types of TV because the cleaning process of each type of TV screen is different. If you have a flat-screen tv, then cleaning flat screen TV is different than cleaning cathode ray tube TV. And you may require different supplies and cleaning agents for that. Let’s discuss first how to clean flat screen TV.

Supplies You Need for Cleaning Flat Screen TV

For cleaning flat screen TV, you may need the following supplies or items:

  1. Two pieces of soft cloth.
  2. Clean Water
  3. Cleaning Agent likes Isopropyl Alcohol or any other soap material.
  4. A Cup or something where you can make a mixture and dip the cloth.

When you have all this stuff, you can start actually cleaning flat screen TV. If you don’t want to create a mixture at home, you can get some TV Screen cleaner from the market. Well whatever you have, let’s start cleaning your TV screen.

First of all, put off your TV. A better idea is to remove the power plug to minimize the risk of electric shock. Let it cool for a few minutes. Once it gets cool, now you can clean your flat screen TV.

Start with dusting your TV because it’s the dust that makes your TV screen dirty. Remove the dust with the help of soft cloth by wiping. Most of the visible dust will be removed by wiping with the soft cloth.

Now there would be some non-visible dust and some stains on the screen that you have to clean. For this step of cleaning flat screen TV, you may need a TV screen cleaner or the solution. Mix the Isopropyl Alcohol with the water in the cup and create a mixture. Now dip the cloth in this mixture and wipe the TV screen. If you have bought the TV screen cleaner from the market, you can spray it directly on the screen or you may spray it on the cloth and then wipe the screen with this cloth. To be on the safe side, the second way is better because spraying directly may be risking at some time. The drop can enter in your TV box and where it can cause a short circuit when you will plug in the power.

Don’t make the cloth too wet in the solution rather keep it just enough wet that no drop may out. Squeeze the cloth hard before you wipe it on the TV screen. Once you have wiped your TV screen completely, now take that other piece of soft cloth which is still dry. Now clean the screen by wiping this dry cloth. The dry cloth will soak the moisture from the TV screen. Now let it dry for a while and here you have a clean and sparkling TV screen.

How to Clean LCD TV Screen?

how to clean a flat screen tv

If you want to know how to clean LCD TV screen, then keep in mind that the process of cleaning LCD Screen is similar to cleaning flat screen TV. The only difference will be that you can’t use alcohol to clean your LCD TV Screen or LED TV. Chemicals like alcohol or ammonia may harm your LED or LCD screen by weakening the havoc. To avoid any such TV screen cleaner which has alcohol or ammonia. Most of Window and glass cleaner does have these two chemicals and people often use these chemicals for cleaning TV screen. These cleaners might be good for cathode ray tube TV screen or flat TV screen but you can’t use these to clean LCD or LED TV screen.

LCD and LED TV Screens are sensitive so while cleaning these TV screens, don’t apply too much pressure otherwise it may leave some marks. Don’t rub too much as it may cause a scratch on the screen. So make sure that you are using some soft cloth and you are not rubbing it too hard. Avoid using a wet cloth on LED and LCD TV screens because it may leave drops on the screen and it may damage your LED TV or LCD TV screen. To clean the corner of the screens where the cloth can’t reach directly, you can use Q-tip.

So the best way to clean TV screen is to use the proper TV screen cleaner and some soft cloth. Once you have both, you have to get a clean and clear view on your screen without any dust particles. It will not only make your screen shine but it will keep your TV screen safe from scratches and damages due to dust particles. After reading this post, hope you won’t need to ask anymore how to clean your TV screen.