How to Maintain Wood Wrist Watches Like a Boss?

So you just got your first wood wrist watch and now you are enjoying wearing it, this sounds good after all you can get something that is a truly unique piece of art and it will definitely worth the price you paid. The wood wrist watches are indeed able to age gracefully and this is the reason that those who are using it are still using it after years of usage and it is still looking great. The secrete is the right way of maintaining the wood wrist watch because you will be able to maintain your wooden wrist watch for a long time if you keep it clean and secure. However, not every wooden watch owner understands how to maintain its watch and they often ended up with the malfunctioned wooden watches. So how to maintain the wood watches so they would run longer. Here is how it is possible.

Wearing It Too Often

You didn’t saw this coming, right! Well, this is true. Wearing your wooden watch every day can help your watch to keep its color in good condition. This is because wood that is used to craft wood watch shouldn’t be left dry for longer and wearing it too often will keep the wooden wrist watch moist and it will retain its shine for longer’ way better. Because it is lightweight so one can wear it anytime for all day long so it will help keep mens wooden wrist watch moist for longer.

Avoid Sunlight Exposure

Even though the sunlight is important for wood but when it comes to the mens wooden watches, one must avoid the direct contact of the sunlight to the mens wooden watches. This is because direct exposure to the sunlight will cause discoloration in mens wooden wrist watches and it will also cause a thin line of cracking as well on the body of the watch. But this doesn’t mean that the wood wrist watches should be kept in the storage for longer. Because of wood being a natural material, the wood wrist watch must have good exposure to the natural environment so it can keep its appearance in a good way.

Time Setting

Most of the reputed brands and platforms i.e. selling the wood wrist watch for men have high-quality movement but to keep the movements in good condition, the time must be set correctly so mechanics and movements will run smoothly as the way they are meant to be.

Water Proofing

Even though the wooden watches for men can withstand some minor splash of the water such as washing your hands or some level of water spills but this doesn’t mean that one should go for surfing awhile wearing the wooden watches. Wood is a kind of material that doesn’t go well with the water as the direct contact of water can crack the body of the watch and your wooden watch can get damaged so it is better to avoid direct water contact.

No Furniture Polish

Yes, the wood watches are made of wood but unlike furniture and wooden accessories, the wooden watch does not require you to use any furniture spray or polish because the parts of the quality wooden wrist watches have the smaller parts that can get damaged as polish may get in those parts and cause stickiness and you will damage your expansive wood wrist watch. So don’t use any furniture polish to clean the wood watch.

Cleaning the Watch

You don’t have to use any special chemical or liquid to clean your wooden wrist watch all you need is a clean damp cloth and for better results it is better to remove the strap from the watch. Use a hand soap liquid on the cloth to keep it soft and genteelly rub it on the body of the watch and straps. Genteelly rubbing will remove any dust and make the surface look cleaner. The same should be done on a strap and once it is dry, attach them again.

Storage of the Wood Wrist Watches

It is recommended that you must properly keep your wood watch. This will help you to keep your watch scratch-free for longer If you just put your watch in your traveling bag without nay protection then the watch body is more likely to get the scratches. If you are going to travel for longer than it is better to store it in the box that came with the wood wrist watch. While sleeping, don’t put your watch on the nightstand as water can spill on it, dogs can snatch it. Instead, put the wooden watches in the drawer.

Battery Replacement

The battery of the wood watches doesn’t need to be replaced too often as once it starts to operate, you will need to change the battery once in two years. However, if your wooden watch requires a battery replacement then it is better to take it to the experts rather than the DIY approach. This is because the smaller parts of the wooden watch can easily be’ damaged or even the body if you don’t know how to open the bottom lid. So it is better to visit the experts to replace the battery.


A wooden wrist watch is truly a unique piece of fashion that is a must-try if someone wants to look unique in the most affordable yet classy way. However, if you want your mens wooden wrist watch to look shiny and ageless for longer then you must know the ways to maintain the mens wooden watches at its best. Otherwise, the wooden wrist watch is a fashion piece that’ ages gracefully especially if you have taken care of it and wearing it too often. You may notice some minor cracks or color change in the wood wrist watch over time but don’t worry, this is the part of aging so don’t worry and enjoy the natural aging process of the wood wrist watch for men.